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Another $15.3 million for Rural Highway Improvements

CANADA, April 26 - Released on April 26, 2022

Support through Rural Integrated Roads for Growth Program

A successful partnership between the Government of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM( continues to improve roads through its Rural Integrated Roads for Growth (RIRG) program. More than 41 municipalities and communities are set to receive $15.3 million in RIRG funding in Phase four of the program to address 56 projects.

"The RIRG program has been very well received over the past several years," Highways Minister Fred Bradshaw said. "Our government is investing in infrastructure that keeps our rural economies growing and improves safety. This successful program, in partnership with SARM, has improved the safety and quality of our bridges and highways in dozens of rural areas."

RIRG provides financial support to RMs with the cost of constructing and upgrading rural infrastructure, which helps local industries including agriculture, energy and forestry. The program grants cover up to 50 per cent of each project's total cost, to a maximum of $500,000.

"The financial support for rural roads is important and welcome," SARM President Ray Orb said. "Rural municipalities continue to contribute to local infrastructure supporting Saskatchewan's rural-based industries."

Phase 4 will include 56 road projects valued at a total cost $43.2 million.

This year's provincial budget will improve more than 1,100 kilometres of highways, for a total of more than 3,500 kilometres of highways improved over the past three years. The Government of Saskatchewan has invested about $11.5 billion in highways infrastructure since 2008, improving more than 18,400 kilometres of Saskatchewan highways.


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