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SalesScreen’s Latest Achievements Update Boosts Transparency & Daily Motivation

Achievement streaks, social sharing, and enhanced visuals make SalesScreen’s achievements better than ever.

The release of Achievement Sharing and Streaks amplifies the significance of unlocking badges through social media to motivate everyone from the top sellers to those struggling the most.”
— Sindre Haaland, CEO
NEW YORK , NEW YORK, USA, April 25, 2022 / -- Earlier this year, SalesScreen announced the addition of an Achievements page to increase the visibility of goals sellers have achieved. This included a dedicated achievement page, individual achievement leaderboards, progress bars, recent unlocks, and more. Since this release, achievement engagement is up by 59% month over month, proving that visualization is a key component for goal attainment.

To further motivate and engage sales teams, SalesScreen has released two new Achievements features: Streaks and Achievement Sharing. These new features are designed to motivate and engage on every level, from top performers to those struggling to hit their goals. SalesScreen leverages the behavioral psychology and mentality of sales teams worldwide to build a comprehensive suite of products tailored to boosting motivation and performance. Let's get into the specifics of what was updated and how these features can support your sales team.

"Achievements are a proven way of creating sustained intrinsic motivation that drastically boosts daily productivity. The release of Achievement Sharing and Streaks amplifies the significance of unlocking badges through social media to motivate everyone from the top sellers to those struggling the most."
- Sindre Haaland, SalesScreen CEO and Co-Founder

A well-used but perhaps not as well-known mechanic of gamification, Streaks tap into a unique part of human psychology - the intrinsic desire not to break a chain of activities. Now, when a user unlocks an achievement consecutively, they start on a streak, encouraging them to keep earning that achievement.

Once a streak is started, the streak icon will appear next to the user's name on the achievement leaderboard and appear in their personal profile. Not only does the concept of streaks motivate intrinsically, but it also taps into the extrinsic motivation to stay at the top of the leaderboard. Streaks are an excellent way to motivate all types of performers, boost engagement, and improve morale through the camaraderie of competition.

Social Sharing
Recognition is a cornerstone of gamification and a key pillar of motivation within the SalesScreen platform. Until now, when an achievement was unlocked and a badge earned, only the user's coworkers would be able to see their success. With the introduction of Achievement Sharing, SalesScreen users can now share their success with their personal and professional networks.

When a user logs into the platform, they are presented with newly unlocked achievements. Each achievement contains the options to Download, View, or Share, allowing users to share their achievements directly to LinkedIn, download to share via email, or add the achievement badge to their personal website. Sharing achievements outside of SalesScreen not only allows reps to be celebrated by more than just their teammates, it also helps develop their personal brand and reinforce their skills in their professional networks.

About SalesScreen
SalesScreen combines visualization and gamification, giving sellers unprecedented access to their KPIs which increases engagement and boosts productivity. Gamification elements turbocharge performance, improve morale, and motivate sellers to go above and beyond benchmarks. SalesScreen is currently leveraged by hundreds of companies globally across multiple industries and is regularly named one of the most intuitive and comprehensive sales gamification platforms.

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