Strange & The Familiars Create A Mesmerizing Trip Into The Bizarre With New Video “Agent Strange!”

PORTLAND, OR, USA, April 22, 2022 / -- After successfully teaming up in 2021 to create the grim & gritty video for the title-track “Pretty Deadly” from their debut EP, it was a foregone conclusion that the right person to take on the brand-new single by Strange & The Familiars this year, would once again be none other than Jordan Henline of 88.8 Films.

With an otherworldly concept shot in the heart of Portland in the Pacific Northwest, “Agent Strange” is a bold introduction to the persona of Stephanie Strange, an “impartial observer” tasked with documenting the bizarre events & people of planet Earth. Attempting to uncover the details of her own origin story while witnessing the shocking horrors of extremely real issues faced in daily human life – what Strange has absorbed has warped the mechanics of her mind, rendering her into an unreliable narrator whose perspective is askew and untethered to any kind of recognizable reality that would provide any comfort.

She hears voices, she both sees & talks with ghosts, she finds solace in nature, and is genuinely mortified by the way humanity abuses such beauty without sparing a second thought towards the impact of global warming, social inequities, or the pure butchery of Earth’s uniquely special, yet finite, natural resources. Dancing as the world is ending and the atmosphere is closing in, Strange & The Familiars take viewers & listeners on a final tour of a dying planet, done in by its own erratic indifferences & callous carelessness.

From mythical & magical forest scenes & imagery laden with the true majesty of nature, to the furthest reaches of outer space & aliens monitoring our every move “Agent Strange” is as insightfully artistic & compelling as it is authentically fun & entertaining. With the X-factor talents & soulful vocals of Strange alongside the exquisite instrumentation and musicianship of The Familiars, combined with the visionary expertise of Jordan’s direction & the proud support of the entire 88.8 Films crew – “Agent Strange” has become a groundbreaking video & single capable of taking them all straight to the next-level & beyond.

“Agent Strange” is the lead cut & gateway into the new album Strange World by Strange & The Familiars – it’s a wildly unforgettable experience & officially available on every major music platform online now!

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