Pure Marine Announces Partnership With Collegiate Tournament Fisher Mason Waddell

To a fisherman, it is seriously something you can’t live without once you’ve used it.”
— Mason Waddell
BATESVILLE, ARKANSAS, USA, April 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Pure Marine is pleased to announce a partnership with Mason Waddell, tournament fisher. Mason is graduating from the University of Montevallo where he has found success in collegiate tournament fishing. Mason uses Pure Marine to clean his live wells, coolers, and to just get rid of the funk from being out on the water. Pure Marine caught up with Mason Waddell for an interview about the partnership.

1. How did you get into fishing?

"Growing up, I always played some kind of sport. For me that was baseball and football, and outside of that, hunting had a huge presence in my life growing up with it though my dad and paw paw. Fishing was something that I never really did a whole lot, other than getting some crickets and catching bluegill, or cat fishing off of my paw paw’s dock. When I went bass fishing for the first time, I think I was around 12. My stepdad took me to my paw paw’s pond which was loaded with fish, and I caught a 5 pounder my first time. From that day forward I became obsessed with fishing, and how many ways there are to trick a bass into biting. I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos and talking to people about fishing, trying to learn as much as I could. Junior year of high school, I wasn’t playing sports and wanted something to get into. My high school had a fishing team, and I really wanted to get into tournament fishing. Cal Culpepper, a guy I had known through baseball, was the best on the team and needed a partner. After talking with him we decided to fish together. We won a state championship, several smaller tournaments, and were runners up in the national championship that year. That success led to a scholarship to the University of Montevallo where I’m finishing out my senior semester now. Fishing really has changed my life in so many different ways. I’m super thankful to have had so many doors open and so many great opportunities just by getting to do what I love."

2. What does your ideal day on the lake look like?

"An ideal day for me would have to be sometime around April-May, right after a full moon when the big ones are up shallow and biting good. Those kinds of days remind me of being a kid when I first fell in love with fishing. Usually it’s the prettiest weather, and I can catch them shallow on a frog, swim jig, and other shallow stuff. Spring for me is undeniably the best time to be fishing."

3. What was your most memorable catch?

"My most memorable catch was probably at a pond in my hometown in Hamilton, GA with my dad. We decided to go fishing after turkey hunting for several days straight and it turned out to be one of the best days of fishing ever. The fish were on bed and we were catching fish about every cast on a wacky rigged white trick worm. After about 50+ fish, I hooked into a fish right at sunset that was an 8+ lber. That was the biggest fish I had ever caught at the time and fighting it for a good 5 minutes with me and dad freaking out the whole time was such a cool memory."

4. How do you use Pure Marine?

"There’s so many applications where I use Pure Marine’s product. To a fisherman, it is seriously something you can’t live without once you’ve used it. For fishing tournaments, live wells can get really gross if you neglect them over time. Fish are constantly spitting up stuff that ends up just sitting in the bottom and rotting in your livewell and that stuff really stinks after a while. Pure Marine’s product makes it extremely easy to clean my livewell and get rid of the funk while not having to worry about it harming the fish. It’s also really nice to have in the boat for coolers to get rid of that mildew smell. If it’s on your boat and has any kind of stench, Pure Marine’s product takes it away instantly."

Alex Whitmore
Pure Marine
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Pure Marine + Mason Waddell Partnership