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MBC Alliance Announces Launch of Redesigned Website

New Home Page

Lisa Laudico, MBC Patient Advocate

The newly-launched site offers an enhanced user experience designed to better connect the MBC community with information, targeted resources and community.

This new site represents, truly, the best of the values and promise of the MBCA. It allows the user to quickly locate programs & resources to make our lives, while living with MBC, better.”
— Lisa Laudico, Website Project Lead

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2022 / -- The MBC Alliance has launched a new website designed to make it easier for people living with metastatic breast cancer, and their caregivers, to connect to impactful programs and resources from the Alliance’s network of leading cancer organizations.

The MBC Alliance is a coalition formed in 2013 by metastatic breast cancer patients/advocates, nonprofit advocacy and research organizations, and pharmaceutical and biotech industry partners who joined together to transform and improve the lives of people living with MBC.

The new website was developed under the oversight of a collaborative committee, composed of a range of member stakeholders reflecting diverse needs and perspectives. The committee worked closely with Alliance staff and its selected design agency to set a clear vision, define a straightforward message, and create a user experience prioritizing the needs of people living with metastatic breast cancer who are seeking information, resources and a chance to make a difference.

“The MBCA website was a powerful collaboration from the start, building on the work of every stakeholder and area of expertise the Alliance has,” said patient advocate Lisa Laudico, website project lead and Co-Chair of the Alliance’s Awareness Task Force. “This new site represents, truly, the best of the values and promise of the MBCA. It allows the user to quickly find life-critical resources and provides a crash course on the key individual advocates, nonprofit organizations, and pharmaceutical companies working hard each day to make our lives, while living with MBC, better. My two favorite things about the website are the improved search functionality and a new member portal that allows Alliance members to collaborate even more effectively.”

All navigation menus and content on the new Alliance site were redesigned to make it easier for users to explore resources for dealing with an MBC diagnosis, from learning the basics about the disease and making decisions about what to do next, to finding information about clinical trials and much more.

The upgraded site also includes a new search feature that allows users to find programs and resources that support their own unique needs, available through the Alliance’s network—from resources designed for caregivers, to counseling and financial support for people living with MBC.

“We are stronger together – CancerCare has always believed in the power of sharing resources,” said Christine Verini, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of CancerCare and Co-chair of the Alliance’s Awareness Task Force. “The launch of the MBC Alliance’s new website means more people will be able to find and access the critical support in helping them navigate their metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. Whether it’s through CancerCare’s case management, counseling, financial assistance, support groups or workshops, MBCA’s website provides a digital word of mouth for us and other nonprofit advocacy groups, to reach more people in need.”

The site also strives to increase efficiency and collaboration among Alliance members by introducing a members-only portal that centralizes communication about member news and active projects, and supports strategic initiatives that aim to advance research breakthroughs including enhanced clinical trial participation, increase access to standard of care, and improve quality of life for people living with MBC.

“As we continue to listen to the needs of the metastatic breast cancer community, we know that in addition to accessing the latest treatments and advances in research, success in navigating an MBC diagnosis starts with finding supportive resources and programs,” said Michelle Cosgrove, Associate Director of Oncology Patient Advocacy Engagement at AstraZeneca and member of the Alliance’s Executive Group. “Whether you or a loved one was just diagnosed or has been living with MBC for some time, a more seamless user experience across the MBC ecosystem will help people more easily find the critical information they need to support them through their cancer experience.”

To start exploring the Alliance’s new website, visit:

About the MBC Alliance
The Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance is a consortium made up of representatives from 34 nonprofit organizations and 11 international pharmaceutical and biotech companies, along with 26 individual patient advocates—many of whom are living with MBC. The mission of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance is to extend life, to enhance quality of life, and to end suffering and death from MBC by advancing MBC research, improving access to quality treatments and care, and empowering people through increased education and information about the disease and access to available resources.
Learn more about the MBC Alliance at For people living with MBC, the Alliance website provides a comprehensive list of organizations, programs, and support services focused on meeting the needs of people living with MBC and their caregivers.

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