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WARPSPACE and GCE Institute Announced Joint R&D of "Ambient Power Generation Device" for Space Use

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WARPSPACE signed an agreement with GCE Institute for a Joint Research and Development

TSUKUBA CITY, IBARAKI, JAPAN, April 21, 2022 / -- WARPSPACE signed an agreement with GCE Institute for a Joint Research and Development of “Ambient Power Generation Device” for space use. Through this joint effort, parties will seek the realization of a power supply redundancy in space.

GCE Institute is a company that aims to establish and promote ambient power generation, a completely new energy conversion technology that converts unused heat and environmental heat into electricity.

(Picture by GCE Insitute, All rights reserved.)

WARPSPACE is developing “WarpHub InterSat”, an optical inter-satellite relay network, to enable earth observation satellites to transmit the data to the ground with greater capacity and responsiveness, and to realize a seamless communication environment with remote locations in space such as the Moon and Mars.

Currently, solar energy is the most efficient and stable source of power in space. If “Ambient Power Generation Device” can be realized as an alternative power source to solar power, it will not only provide a redundant power source for the relay satellites used by “WarpHub InterSat”, but also help earth observation satellites to increase observation data during the nighttime in orbit. This could also contribute to the exploration of deep planets where sunlight does not penetrate.

“We are grateful to WARPSPACE for providing us with the opportunity to collaborate on the verification of the practical application of the "Ambient Power Generation Device" in the space environment,” said Hiroshi Goto, CEO of GCE Institute. “We hope to discover the possibility of using our technology as a new power supply source in space as space development accelerates in the future.”

The most noteworthy performance expected of this technology is when used on the ground. In response to global warming, which is becoming increasingly serious today, various alternative energy sources such as hydrogen and bio-energy are being developed. If this technology can be put to practical use, it will provide a new energy option that can be utilized over a wide area of the earth, including places without power generation systems or power grids, as this technology can utilize "unused heat," energy that exists anywhere on the earth.

Satoru Tsunemachi, CEO of WARPSPACE, says, “We believe that the "Ambient Power Generation Device" developed by GCE Institute not only has great potential for space development but is also a necessary technology to bring us closer to the realization of a sustainable society, which we also consider to be a critical issue. It is a great honor for us to be working together on this joint development project, and we hope that we can contribute to both space and the Earth.”

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