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Cyber-stalking is no Joke and Everyone needs to understand when a red flag goes up


Dr. Michael Nuccitelli Psy. D

John C. Morley Serial Entrepreneur

John C. Morley Serial Entrepreneur

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Cyber-stalking is no joke and tell your friends to watch our show Friday, April 22nd &29th at 5:30PM Eastern to avoid miscommunication.

Avoid misunderstandings even with friends by always getting clarification before it gets legal”
— John C. Morley
FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ, USA, April 18, 2022 / -- Stalking and cyber-stalking are not a joke and the next two JMOR Tech Talk shows will explore what everyone needs to do to prevent things from becoming legal with a miscommunication. The first thing to understand is that as more people have access to the internet at a faster pace a larger population will become victims. Cyber Bullying is defined as pediatric child-on-child cyber attacks and just because their kids are of the same age doesn't mean it should be tolerated. However, there are many other types of harassers and stalkers that will learn about on the show and what their actions usually are.

A Cyber Harasser is someone who conducts repeated, unsolicited, hostile behavior by a person through the web otherwise known as cyberspace. Their main intent is to terrify, intimidate, humiliate, threaten, harass or stalk someone. Cyber Stalkers are the same as Cyber Harassers except they use electronic means to do this such as the internet, e-mail, cell phone, texting, GPS, or any other electronic device to stalk someone. Now Cyber Stalking is similar to stalking but it is referring to one who uses electronic means repeatedly to deliberately frighten, intimidate or harass someone as opposed to in-person The show will get into these in much more detail to educate others about what this behavior is and that it should not be tolerated.

Whether it's a dating relationship that went south, a coworker, a friend that becomes jealous, or even someone that just wants attention the behavior can often cause people to have emotional distress or fear of living their daily lives. The best defense against this situation is two things one is education and the second is awareness. Understanding what the behavior looks like and that even friendly joking may appear harassing to another is half the battle whether that be the victim or alleged stalker. Awareness is being able to recognize it in your own life, managing miscommunication, and getting help when red flags go up to protect your safety.

Did you know that someone may stalk another for a variety of reasons such as but not limited to race, religion, political party, grades, popularity, sexual orientation, financial status, and much more? The legal system has provisions to protect those that act in such a manner however it is paramount to know that filing false statements to the police or courts is unlawful and will have consequences. Many think that if they file the courts will protect them even if they lie, this is not true and may get that person charged with fines and other penalties.

Be sure to Watch this Show on April 22 & 29 2022 for an eye-opening interview with Dr. Michael Nuccittelli on The JMOR Tech Talk Show. We don't just talk about technology trends but also the things you need to know to keep yourselves safe each day.

Dr. Michael Nuccittelli is a psychologist and expert on people's behaviors of Cyber-bullying, Cyber-stalking & Cyber-criminal Minds of those that lurk in the world and prey on their victims in person, online, and on electronic devices.

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