Congrès mondial acadien 2024 communicating with NFT creator studio MBF-LIfestyle East Coast to promote cultural event

 National Acadian Day on August 15.Cultural event on Nova Scotia calendar

National Acadian Day on August 15.Cultural event on Nova Scotia calendar

Status-Intrepid-&-Vertues Vertitas Seafaring Tallship Helmsman-Series  National Acadian Day August 15

Status-Intrepid-&-Vertues-Vertitas-seafaring-Tallship Helmsman-Series National Acadian Day August 15

Tallship Helmsman-Series  National French Acadian Day August 15

Tallship Helmsman-Series National Acadian Day August 15

Old Web 2.0 social media Heritage Patrimonial Institution and new Web 3.0 Contemporary NFT creator Queer Asperger Artist work towards Inclusion in media arts

L'union fait la force” (Strength through Unity).”
— Belgian state
ST BERNARD, NS, CANADA, April 11, 2022 / -- With the Atlantic Canadian arts and culture evet calendar becoming very busy for the coming festival events season. Innovation is called upon to make the Congress event shine. Hence the reason Atlantic Canadian NFT creator Claude Edwin Theriault of MBFLifestyle East Coast is currently in communication with; Miguel D'eon the Director of Communications and marketing for Le Congrès Mondial Acadian 2024 Clargyle. Offering his press release writing and publishing skillsets to the Team placing the event on the top tier list of trending events to watch.

Using new and innovative Blockchain and metaverse skillsets to help create a social media presence for the promotion of the Congres Mondial Acadian 2024 like it has never been done before. It is known as an event held once every five years and allows families of Acadian descent to reunite with relatives and welcome visitors who come from away, to be part of a unique celebratory cultural event.

The objective is to simply list relevant developments in CMA2022 event info on; Sports, Exhibition, workshop Danse Music, Theatre Venues, Opening gala, closing gala dates, so the public may know what event to be held in the Acadian communities of Clare and Argyle from Aug. 10-18; will showcase.

Working as well as relevant food, schedule, prime event dates, photo, shop merchandise, Newsletter, testimonial, contact, road trip outreach coordinator invitation to attend, the multitude of performances, live stream info link, tickets, partners, with an innovative video ad format of a video drone flyby of the region to the venue with a slow descent to the front door with a spokesperson making use of sign language to welcome you to our home.

A collaboration of opposites, working together to place Le Congrès Mondial Acadian 2024. as one of the major arts and culture, events to attend in the Atlantic Canadian region based on its diverse cultural merit.

As one of the major forces redefining contemporary art in Atlantic Canada, Claude Edwin Theriault uses Multiple social media press release platforms to deliver clear and concise news that Google news itself; goes to as a source of reference in the burgeoning NFT creator Arts niche.

Using the URL of the press release and posting on Blockchain-hosted websites leaves a digital footprint that few social media profile managers know how to optimize for search engine results.

Mainstream Halifax-centric media outlets do not seem to want to acknowledge French Acadian events outside of the HRM. Hence the need for Web 3.0 optimized social media profile management that is worldwide press release savvy, so that a cultural voice gets heard through the partisan politics endemic in Atlantic Canadian media.

A paradigm that is being shifted by the highly disruptive digital ledger technologies of blockchain and the side chains that are currently built onto the main original Ethereum ledger. It is not just the Decentralized move of finance now on DEFI. It is also very much self-representing arts and media that can now have an open public ledger to express non-partisan views on cultural events of interest. As historic as the invention of the printing press, since it is a new printing press that enables self-representing artists to truly have a noncensored voice in the realm of partisan politics since we live in a political world that is not always conducive to artist types who express visual narratives that have a lot to say about the News.

Marginalized Queer Asperger NFT creator Claude Edwin Theriault is redefining the very essence of contemporary art in Atlantic Canada with his 3D motion graphic Non Fungible Token design experience brand logos for the Augmented reality as well as Virtual reality real estate in the metaverse. Leading and creating value in the emerging metaverse contemporary arts with the interactive neuro link aspect of 3D motion graphic designs that draw you in. The experience designs of MBF-Lifestyle won Platinum in the Hermes Creative Design Awards based on their merit, it was not a lottery draw. It is the very face of the emerging renaissance in contemporary art in these shifting times.

Claude Edwin Theriault has created a nonofficial NFT edition called Status-Intrepid-&-Vertues-Vertitas-seafaring-Tallship Helmsman-Series. consisting of three images symbolizing the intrepid Truth and Virtue carrying spirit that lives in the Seafaring helmsman fraternity of Southwestern Nova Scotia. A hospitality trait found in the accepting and accomodating rural people in Nova Scotian French Acadian culture. Held every five years since 1994, the Congrès Mondial Acadian is an international gathering of Acadian culture. Its mission is to fortify the ties among Acadian communities around the world. The event also allows host municipalities to showcase their part of the world on an international scale.

Renowned for their warm Bon Vivant spirit in times of great social change and upheaval, the August 2024 event will offer a place and time for visitors to actually decompress and find solace and welcoming smiles to share in the warm heartfelt celebration of a culture that not only endures but thrives in the face of adversity. Redefining itself with the adoption of the change and making it shine like a beacon light to guide you to Clargyle 2024.

The trending Social Media profile management collaboration; news serves as a prime example of how two opposites like conservative patrimonial heritage culture academic bureaucrat organizers and a marginalized Queer Asperger contemporary NFT creator artist; can embrace the enemy and collaborate on Le Congrès Mondial Acadian 2024 Clargyle project., For the common good of making an event inclusive and noticed above the noise of a mainstream culture void of anything coherent and new that you can truly feel.

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