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New You! Who Knew? Surprising Foundations for a Rapidly Changing World

Cover of book, New You! Who Knew?

New You! Who Knew? Cover

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Literary Titans Gold Award Winner

David R. Edwards new book shows how you, an individual, can help stave off tyranny by being the captain of your own life aligned with enduring principles

Since the world is constantly changing, if you are not learning, you are falling behind and becoming less able to be your own best person, to be relevant, and to simply be free.”
— David R. Edwards

LIBERTY LAKE, WASHINGTON, USA, April 12, 2022 / -- Putin's generals are scared to death, or of death so they lie to the “forever” president. This leadership is based on towing the party line and ruling with fear. The same exists in political parties and companies in America. What is ONE to do?

The answer to these problems lies in individuals, nothing less will create lasting peace and freedom. You must become a person who will not tolerate this type of behavior from yourself, elected officials, bosses, and even permanently elected presidents.

Failing to be free is the fate of every society whose individuals have not developed the capacity to rule themselves. Grounded in enduring principles that have guided all great societies and individuals Edwards’ book, New You! Who Knew? Provides the foundations upon which to build free individuals and free nations.

Edwards worked in health care for 35 years, until he got fired. He took what he learned as a CFO, COO, and CEO and built on it as he researched how to correct what is wrong with healthcare in American. His epiphany, consistent with his career, enduring principles, and the latest in behavioral science led to the 10 principles of individual motivation. On these principles individuals build lives of accomplishment, connection, balance and freedom. Families, communities, and nations follow.

• Studies show that 85% of people lack in self-esteem, 80% of people don’t even know their own values, 80% of employees are disengaged, depression is an epidemic, and America contributed to a global decline in democracy in 2020.
• The results include low wellbeing, low resilience, minimal performance, negative self-talk, lack of initiative, shame, fear, and ultimately loss of freedom.
• On the positive side research shows that we can learn these skills no matter our education level, income, race, social status, or past.

David R. Edwards’s “New You! Who Knew?” Is a must-read nonfiction book of 2022 – Anthony Avina, Book Blogger and Best-Selling Author
New You- Who Knew, by David R Edwards, is a powerful self-help book that will inspire anyone” - Literary Titans, Book Reviewers – Gold Award Winner!

Go to and buy the book, engage with the principles, and keep yourself and America free from tyranny. If you want to talk about it, please reach out to me, I would love to speak with you – but then buy the book and engage!

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