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Michele Chubalashvili Fortifies Her Business Empire Through Transformation

CEO of Vitas Travel

This travel mogul and luxury realtor finds success by leveraging two niches to expand her business empire

The key to success is never giving up and always believing that you can do it. If you don’t see opportunities in any challenge, you won’t succeed.”
— Michele Chubavashvili
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 8, 2022 / -- Michele Chubavashvili's company, Vitas Travel, is a testament to how she managed and evolved through 29 years of challenges that tested her limits. The most recent example was the pandemic. While everyone else worried about the disruption, she remained unperturbed by restrictions and canceled flights threatening the travel industry. Thanks to Michele’s resilience, she discovered an interesting tidbit that made her confident about the comeback of tourism. “Regardless of the stringent protocols each country enforces, people never stopped traveling, even if it was a simple getaway such as the Caribbean. In every adversity, there is a chance for growth as long as you recognize it," said Michele Chubalashvili, the bona fide travel guru specializing in global luxury travel.

While Michele succeeded with her bespoke travel itineraries, she took advantage of her abilities to embrace transformation. In 2018, she became a licensed real estate salesperson who excelled in flipping houses and turning them into magnificent homes for the elite. Her attention to detail and creativity thrust her into the spotlight as a luxury realtor. Indeed, she is an inspiring businesswoman who leads with confidence and determination, unafraid of challenges. Michele is represented by ZavoMediaPR Group, a PR agency of visionaries based in New York City. This group of expert storytellers works congruently to realize her vision of becoming a global pillar of influence and inspiration.

Michele’s journey shows that life never stops at the peak of success. We remain students of life, constantly learning new things daily. Michele reinvented herself and found passion in other things, which doubled her happiness and success. We’re pleased to have her on board and share valuable insights on what's to come for 2022, especially for the travel and real estate industries.

You’ve been an entrepreneur in the business industry for almost three decades. What do you think businesses should focus on in 2022?

The pandemic made things challenging for everyone, especially in the travel industry. The last thing you want is losing clients because you’re not physically present in every step. Fortunately, technology has made everything more convenient. I think every business should strengthen their customer service to continue serving their clients. It’s the key to any business to let people know we’re still communicating with them and giving them more than they expect. Although we’ve shifted into a new normal, our services should also evolve to continue delivering the best experience for our clients.

What advice do you wish you had received when the pandemic started? What do you intend on improving in 2022?

Don’t make rash decisions. I’m usually very decisive and quick to make decisions. It'd be too late to change course when things happen too fast. I’ve learned from that mistake and had to unlearn my way of thinking by taking the time to ponder things through. Be patient and think twice before diving into new ventures. You have to assess every detail and evaluate whether it will give you beneficial results.

Many people felt unheard and undervalued, leading to the Great Resignation. What changes do you think need to happen after this event?

I can only speak for myself as a CEO: I do not think people don’t want to work. If you value their work and appreciate what they bring to your company, they most likely will stay with you. Changes must inevitably occur in other circumstances that people can't avoid, such as moving their locations. The pandemic affected everyone worldwide; we should be looking out for each other so that we can bounce back faster and better.

What does the word "success in 2022” mean to you?

Success means many things. Personally, my children are my most significant accomplishments. Even though it was challenging to raise my kids from a young age and almost by myself, I’m happy that they’re all doing very well, and I am proud of that. As to having success professionally, I had to go through much pressure back in the 90s. No one was supportive of my vision, and others even tried to break me down. Don’t let the negativities drag you. Set goals and accomplish them no matter what.

The struggles that Michele went through became the stepping stones to reaching her goals in life. “The key to success is never giving up and always believing that you can do it. If you don’t see opportunities in any challenge, you won’t succeed,” she reveals. She is confident that incredible things are coming her way soon. Despite people saying it’s impossible for a small company, she quickly shrugs off the naysayers and rebuts, “Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and work hard to achieve it.”

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