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Tehama is the World’s First Carrier for Work

Tehama’s cloud-based hybrid work platform is revolutionizing how we connect to and transmit work by announcing the world’s first Carrier for Work.

Tehama has carved out a place in history as the first Carrier for Work.”
— Paul Vallée, CEO of Tehama

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 7, 2022 / -- Today Tehama announced their new Carrier for Work* offering: an all-in-one cloud-based platform that enables enterprises to launch role-based, ready-to-work, productive, secure digital environments for anyone, anywhere in the world. With other methods, it takes weeks or months, but with Tehama’s Carrier for Work, you can onboard remote workers in less than an hour with multi-level security and compliance.

“The exchange of work underpins our society, and increasingly this exchange is under threat from a rising tide of ransomware, organized cybercrime and a new threat of sabotage from the cold cyberwar we’ve enjoined,” says Paul Vallee, CEO of Tehama. “Safely carrying work from where it originates in the mind of the trusted human, through the well-equipped and easy-to-use desktop, all the way to the security and compliance-intensive enterprise data assets remained until now one of society’s most compelling technological challenges. Today, after two years of post-pandemic innovation, I am beyond pleased that Tehama has carved out a place in history as the first ever Carrier for Work.”

As the first Carrier for Work, Tehama eliminates the risk, complexity and inefficiency common in today’s custom deployments, setting the cutting edge standard for those who will inevitably follow. Companies who choose Tehama are choosing a repeatable, highly scalable, turnkey solution that is safer, smarter and maximizes productivity. Before Tehama, building, securing, and maintaining a hybrid workforce infrastructure was an absolute disaster– the Carrier for Work has made it as easy as a single click to seamlessly connect your workforce to your most valuable enterprise data, requiring no additional tooling to integrate with existing technology.

The way we work has fundamentally changed. The shift towards hybrid environments across the world has launched us into a future many enterprises were not truly ready for. No longer tethered by geographic conventions, teams around the world have been taking advantage of the clear benefits of telecommuting culture while incurring technical debt and administrative overhead on top of putting their workplace security on the line.

"The Tehama Carrier for Work solution is unprecedented in its capacity to enable freelance work,” says Mike Paylor, formerly VP Engineering and Product at Upwork. “Enterprises would love to blend more freelancers into their talent strategy but are often held back because of the cost and complexity and the up-front expenses necessary to do so in a secure and compliant way."

In today’s world, security and compliance are top concerns amongst all major players in the gig economy and across industries. After all, work is the world’s most valuable exchanged commodity but with no internet native platform to transfer it safely, it has been vulnerable to attack. Cybercrime is no longer the purview of the masked hacker alone—it’s an exponential threat from all angles. Corporate espionage, state-sponsored actors and organized crime make up the bulk of the loss which, in 2021 alone, cost the world six trillion dollars.

“From my vantage point, the rapid adoption of carrier offerings for work is the most feasible and realistic strategy for thousands of enterprises to rapidly and cost-efficiently elevate their human-to-data security posture before the threat of cybercrime and state actors overpowers them.” says André Boucher who previously held a position as the Associate Deputy Minister of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

Before Tehama, the conventional enterprise solution required the integration of costly technologies from a dozen or more vendors to manage the industry standard of care for credit card storage. The launch of the Carrier for Work challenges that norm. By offering everything needed to meet even the most stringent security and compliance challenges right out of the box, Tehama breaks the mould. In the age of cellular devices, companies no longer have in-house operators and switch-boards- after all, why would companies build their own carrier capacity from scratch, just to do less, when the repeatable, highly-scalable carrier offers so much more. What Tehama is proposing is no different: Why build your own private capacity when you could simply use the safer, smarter and more productive hybrid work solution?

About Tehama
Tehama is the safer, smarter, and more productive way to deploy a hybrid workforce. With the Tehama Carrier for Work solution, enterprises can create cloud-based virtual offices, rooms, and desktops anywhere in the world. No other solution on the market today connects remote workers with mission-critical and data-sensitive systems, with the speed, agility, and unparalleled security that Tehama offers.
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