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BHAKTA Comes to the Aid of Ukrainian Mothers

Owner of the world's oldest spirits

Raj Peter Bhakta

Spirits Entrepreneur Raj Peter Bhakta Announces Support of Self-Defense Initiative

The women of Ukraine must be given the ability to shoot a Russian in the belly if—and when—necessary.”
— Raj Peter Bhakta, Founder of Bhakta Spirits
POULTNEY, VERMONT, USA, April 4, 2022 / -- BHAKTA Spirits (, the purpose-driven family of brands founded by spirits mogul Raj Peter Bhakta, announces today that it will come to the aid of Ukrainian mothers facing occupation and assault at the hands of the invading Russian army.

Mr. Bhakta will arrange for Kalashnikov rifles from his personal collection to be hand-delivered to the women of Ukraine. The visionary spirits founder seeks to provide mothers with the requisite provisions to protect themselves—and their children—from the predation of Russian soldiers, who are historically notorious for their depravity.

BHAKTA Spirits will also commit 10% of all proceeds from its upcoming release of BHAKTA 50 “Patton”—a blend of rare Armagnac brandy vintages from 1868–1970 with a minimum age statement of 50 Years—to an international organization providing support to Ukrainian mothers.

“Inspired by the bravery of the Ukrainian people and animated by the warrior spirit of ‘Old Blood and Guts,’ General George S. Patton, I feel strongly that we must do everything possible to protect Ukrainian families,” said Mr. Bhakta. “Patton famously once said, ‘always do more than is required of you.’ In this case, releasing a public statement or putting a Ukrainian flag on our Instagram would not be enough.”

“Historically speaking, Russian soldiers are not known for their delicateness,” added Mr. Bhakta. “If it were my wife in the Ukraine, I’d certainly want to give her the means to protect herself and our children from violence. The women of Ukraine must be given the ability to shoot a Russian in the belly if—and when—necessary.”

Mr. Bhakta’s initiative came to life when he summoned a gathering of BHAKTA Stockholders to hear their high-level perspectives on what relief effort would best defend the mothers of Ukraine. The mogul’s Stockholder Program is a society of national business and media leaders; boldfaced names gain entry by purchasing a collection of ancient BHAKTA Armagnac with a minimum investment of $30,000.

The closed-door summit was held in Mr. Bhakta’s mythical Griswold Library on the campus of Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont. He purchased the campus in totality in 2020. The enigmatic tycoon began the session with a lengthy recitation of the opening scene of the film Patton (1970), which he is said to have monologued with “a great deal of vigor,” according to a telecommunications executive present.

“While we do not support sending Americans to die in foreign wars, we must act courageously in defense of those Ukrainians most at risk,” Mr. Bhakta said to his Stockholders.

“BHAKTA stands by those who defend their homes and country; General Patton would’ve honored this type of bravery, and we honor him with our new BHAKTA 50 ‘Patton’ as it takes its place among our twenty-one previous barrel releases of sought-after Armagnac—many of which are named for other great leaders and warriors such as Winston Churchill, Ulysses S. Grant, and the Marquis de Lafayette.”

While Mr. Bhakta and his Stockholders disagreed over whether to simply cover the postage on the Kalashnikovs and send them by mail—or to seek to airdrop the defensive provisions directly into the nation’s capital, Kyiv—the group agreed that if their wives and children were at risk of violation at the hands of invading Russian commandos, they would prefer to provide protection up to and including the ability to shoot a Cossack in the belly, rather than just change their Instagram profile pictures to Ukrainian flags.

The relief initiative will move forward immediately. For further details, please contact Phineas Withey IV at

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