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While signing up for MA plans, people often are confused about how to use benefits, resulting in dissatisfaction and churn. is thrilled to partner with MemoryWell to address this need.”
— Joseph Schneier, CEO at

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2022 / -- and MemoryWell Inc. are excited to announce a new partnership to offer high-touch, human-to-human engagement to help Medicare Advantage Plans gather Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) data while also addressing high rates of churn.

By design, Medicare enrollees can switch Medicare Advantage plans each year, with the ability to change plans again during the initial 90 days. The result is that 10% of Medicare Advantage enrollees churn annually, a $35 billion problem that is growing. MemoryWell provides human-to-human engagement, developing a relationship with enrollees early in the onboarding process. As enrollees discuss their lifestyle and aspirations, proprietary technology highlights the plan’s supplemental benefits that best support them. MemoryWell explains how these benefits are “the perfect fit”, enhancing enrollee satisfaction with their Medicare Advantage plan.

Throughout these personal encounters, MemoryWell gathers HRA and SDoH data in a conversational format, eliminating the need for sterile checklists. The data that MemoryWell collects is the richest, most accurate possible and is provided to payers early in the onboarding process. Both increased enrollee satisfaction and valuable data insights are provided at no charge, as the payer enjoys a 2:1 R.O.I., driven by dramatically lower enrollee churn.

MemoryWell Inc. uses its national network of nearly 1,000 journalists to engage patients and help payers and providers get to know them better. Together with, MemoryWell will help payers get to know their members as people and not diagnoses. “When someone signs up for Medicare Advantage, they often are confused about how to use their benefits, resulting in member dissatisfaction and churn. As a leading enrollment company, is thrilled to partner with MemoryWell to address this pressing need.” says The CEO of, Joseph Schneier. With the combination of’s enrollment technology paired with MemoryWell’s proprietary technology and data acquisition, we can provide 360-degree holistic care. And our human-to-human encounters achieve improvements in health equity that automated engagement solutions can't match.

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About is a New York based insurtech company working to improve efficiencies in the distribution of senior, individual, and ancillary health insurance products.

A complete solution that streamlines the sales and commission process for insurance distributors while significantly improving member retention for payers and providers, the software suite provides quoting and enrollment, sales reporting, campaign management, field broker support, licensing and contract management, and consumer tools.

For the 150 million people who purchase Medicare, Marketplace, Medicaid, individual, or ancillary insurance products, is optimizing the sales and retention process to reduce member churn at the carrier level, reduce administrative costs, and speed up time to sale. By connecting the point of sale to the consumer’s needs, is able to radically improve consumers’ financial stability related to healthcare costs and decrease rapid disenrollment. is on a mission to make sure no American goes bankrupt because of out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Find out more about and its products at

About MemoryWell
MemoryWell puts the person in the center of care. We increase Medicare Advantage enrollee satisfaction and meaningfully reduce churn with a new Personalized Member Retention Program. Our human-to-human engagement helps enrollees feel known, builds trust, and increases awareness of their M.A. plan offerings. In a confusing and highly competitive enrollment process, we offer clarity, guidance, and a personal touch.

MemoryWell pairs skilled interviewers with proprietary technology to uniquely understand enrollees, helping to match their plan’s benefits to their lifestyles and aspirations, while accessing health data with a conversational approach. MemoryWell enhances relationships resulting in more satisfied enrollees, reduced churn, and a 2:1 ROI for payers.

MemoryWell, Inc. was founded in 2018 and works with healthcare providers to enhance person-centered care through life storytelling. The Washington DC-based company was founded by Jay Newton-Small, a national correspondent for TIME Magazine, and maintains a national network of freelance professional writers. Learn more at

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