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AOPEN innovation, experience, and EV-ready technology driving key energy initiatives in hyper-growth market

Components Designed for EV Charging

The AOPEN America Team covers the Pan America Regions

AOPEN is known for its exceptional design and reliability.

New energy policies drive EV innovation, expanding charging networks to ease "range anxiety," lowering the carbon footprint without increasing maintenance.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2022 / -- New energy policies are driving innovation through tighter regulation and financial incentives to purchase electric vehicles. As the world commits to reducing its carbon footprint with a renewed focus on transportation, the US continues to pursue its ambitious US infrastructure goals, including a billion-dollar investment in nationwide EV adoption. Leading automotive manufacturers like BMW, Ford, GM, Mercedes, Tesla, and Toyota continue to announce aggressive plans for lessening exhaust emissions that contribute to air pollution and ecological damage. But the question remains how to decrease pollutants while maintaining a vast network of charging solutions?

The EV sector is poised for tremendous growth and value creation based on new strategies and Wall Street enthusiasm. AOPEN, an Acer Group Company, is no stranger to this market, growing its commitment to these efforts with forward-thinking solutions that meet the challenges of these ambitious goals. That’s also why AOPEN is partnered with ACER Earthion, especially its strategies to reimagine how to simultaneously lessen our carbon footprint and contribute positively to both the environment and the economy. Although consumers are keen on EV vehicles, there is a lingering hesitation about the availability of charging stations. Several top EV Charging companies (ChargePoint, Electrify America, EV Connect, EVGo, Volta) are actively and rapidly expanding networks to alleviate “range anxiety” and increase adoption rates.

AOPEN delivers ruggedized hardware solutions to charging suppliers + operators for robust applications in harsh outdoor environments. With its growing EV partner ecosystem across hardware, EV technology, and channels, AOPEN brings solutions to the market with speed and profitability. AOPEN deploys globally with fanless, wide temperature, shock-resistant designs that virtually eliminate on-site, counterintuitive servicing. “This major global deployment of charging station networks requires its own blueprint for effective maintenance,” states Chris Longo, Director at AOPEN. “Unless the teams are using EV vehicles to respond to these issues, we end up right back where we started.”.

Solution integrators can deliver high-voltage management kiosks that incorporate AOPEN hardware solutions. It is that same partner ecosystem that fuels innovation based on the quick, ever-changing needs of a growth industry. While the electric vehicle industry transforms transportation, and kiosk solution integrators find new ways to deliver quick, high-voltage charging, AOPEN brings several years of momentum in reliability, use cases, functionalities, features, multi-screen capabilities, and attention to detail. AOPEN isn’t following trends; its purpose-built technology will continue to meet the growing demand for flexible EV options in a quickly-changing market.


What is the benefit of using an AOPEN device?
-AOPEN looks the part and plays the role with extensive R&D across component selection and design
-Commercial & industrial products with the lowest industry failure rate (<2% Windows/Linux, <1% ChromeOS)
-Effectively a “no-frills” warranty - purpose-built for extended use 24/7/365

AOPEN is a Solution-Ready Company
AOPEN computing device solutions are Solution-Ready, to withstand all environments and scenarios without skipping a beat -- meeting obstacles head-on, filling gaps where others are apprehensive, and taking on environments (like nonstop 24/7 use cases) that may not "work in their favor."
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About AOPEN:
Twenty-six years ago, AOPEN, an Acer Group Company, invented the ultra-small form factor Mini PC. Today, we offer a Solution-Ready portfolio of commercial, industrial, education, and medical-grade devices ideal for digital signage, drive-thru signage, digital menu boards, kiosk solutions, machine controllers, and more. For more information, visit

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The Future of EV Charging with AOPEN