Indigenous spiritual emergence movement culture inspired artworks enter Wetiko conscious promoting healing NFT sphere

Esoteric tarot Inspired  NFT creator experience design you can feel

The powers that be and the be that powers in the Wetiko free metaverse

3D- Motion Graphics Mosaic Raven Wetiko Totemic Image

Mosaic Raven Wetiko Totemic Image

3D NFT Hercules Medusa power shift in Wetiko culture

3D NFT Hercules Medusa power shift in Wetiko culture

Benchmark setting progress in the Spiritual Indigenous movement in the arts rooted in Good instead of self-serving; Money making Wetiko motivated NFT creators

Some people ask 40 questions and take no action, others take 40 actions and ask no questions.”
— Claude Edwin Theriault
ST BERNARD, NS, CANADA, June 1, 2022 / -- In these post-2020 transferring web 2.0 to web 3.0 times, we are seeing a never before seen new Meta sphere building phase of the New World Order. As historic as Cortez setting foot in the New World circa 1519.

The work of MBF-LIfestyle says to be careful what you bring into this new world, it is of prime importance to leave the old I, Me, Mine and the shallow Shadow seeds of Wetiko out. The new metaverse will require you to be part of an authentic new culture like never before; rewarding those who come to terms with the stuff you can now build for good. Since the old system is broken with all those “hooks and angles” we hook and get hooked on. The judgments that simply inform us are not always likely to be true. Remember Judgements that unhinge us are almost always shadow; from the double-speak data speak realm of mainstream.

French Queer Asperger NFT Creator Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle is currently using the mind-based nature of creation as a means of understanding the roots and causes of the current global poly crisis. Driven by Wetiko fueled greed excess and consumption: where cannibalizing the life force of others is a logical and moral way by which to live for as long as you can get away with it.

The local arts, Gulag system may be currently ghosting him for his very expressive contemporary artworks, not part of the mainstream media industry agenda. However, his being ghosted and laughed at is the price of legend. In a sea of dull and uninspired sameness, he is adding his voice as a Canadian NFT design creator in a sea of Wetiko; hence the growing popularity of his NFT Creator project on the censor-restricted digital ledger Blockchain.

Like any new world there is a call amongst the artist community for a need to bring morals and values in the shifting times since they anchor and stabilize the flow of the tribe; by their mere presence. Like the 3D motion graphics of MBF-Lifestyle and their symbolist Archetypal representations of old esoteric and sacred geometry visual energy, and the therapeutic value they bring to the viewers. They are part of the artist whose work is quickly becoming seen as proof of long-standing participation in the entirely new digital world. Redefining the very meaning of Contemporary art of today for today and more; in a globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advancing world.

With the breaking news that all over the world, there is a feeling that something is deeply wrong. It is often felt more than seen, unnamed darkness that keeps millions (even billions) of people disconnected from the reality of authentic life-affirming experience. Too many of our so-called leaders are asleep at the wheel -- they really are. As all scripted mainstream; A.I. written newspeak talks about economic stimulus growth at all costs as the only viable solution for the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything; however, the paradigm is shifting Wetikio types hate the sentient Universal consciousness of the “Matrix Architect Dude in the Ethereum Digital Ledger” that it is all built on. Like the metaverse, it has no flesh and bones but is aware that we do and lives vicariously through us and our flesh & bones like in the Matrix.

Indigenous inspired artists' movement seek to deal with psychological force within the unconscious mind that predisposes us toward unwholesome impulses such as the thirst for power and control, greed, and jealousy; endemic in these times of change.

Wetiko manifests itself in selfishness and a lack of empathy in our current materialistic media-fuelled culture where there is a deep denial of the basic consciousness. Enabling it to feed off of polarization, fear, and terror of others. Therefore crippling our evolutionary potential with its vampire-like spirit that will take energy for its own profit without giving anything of value back. It’s like a collective nightmare whose roots are found in the human psyche, yet the cure is found within us all. 

To each their own; however onto thine own self be true since we will need it to avoid the Canabilization of the soul we have here in the winter season of the fourth turning we have in this world. And do our own due diligence to avoid bringing the Curse of the evil loving Wendigo Flesheater of the forest Virus into the new Meta reality; on Blockchains and parachains we have built and are moving to. Once we commit to Truth, anything becomes possible and the power attached to this Truth Force expands exponentially.

As humanity is being driven to the brink of extinction by an illness? That all the poverty, the climate devastation, the perpetual war, and consumption fetishism we see all around us have roots in a mass psychological infection? What if we went on to say that this infection is not just highly communicable but also self-replicating, according to the laws of cultural evolution, and that it remains so clandestine in our psyches that most hosts will, as a condition of their infected state, vehemently deny that they are infected... they really do, since it's all business in the left-hand lane.

Wetiko artworks movement is making ground in many music and videos released by the growing global arts collectives from around the world. They have come together in a burst of creative energy to popularize the Algonquin concept of wetiko, a cannibalistic mind virus they claim is causing the destruction of the planet.

Since wetiko is only possible when you commit the fundamental mistake of seeing yourself as an individual separate from the whole, separate from other humans and other non-human forms of being, not just animals and plants but also rivers and forests. It’s only once you presuppose this way of being of separation and disunity when it's written into the DNA of your culture, that it becomes possible to instrumentalize other forms of being for your own consumer-driven means to an end.

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