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Fellowshipping with Holy Spirit: Up Close and Personal #1 of Series

How does one communicate with the Divine Entity, an entity we’re told cannot be seen?

Can the Almighty be tangible?”
— S. Lee Winnan

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 28, 2022 / -- Author, Ms. S. Lee Winnan, shares her very personalized experiences in fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit in this third, and more complete, edition of Fellowshipping with Holy Spirit: Up Close and Personal. This is a much needed work that highlights the much desired relationship with Deity in Christianity. Somehow, the actual relationship with God can become overshadowed by all the activities of churching and programming and caring for each other.

This is the continuing first volume of the planned 3-Volume Set of her Fellowshipping Series. The second volume will be, ‘Fellowshipping With Holy Spirit ~ Your Personal Life-Coach’. The third volume will be, ‘Fellowshipping With Holy Spirit ~ Dismantling Strongholds’. These volumes are in process.

From the outset of the introduction of the New Testament Faith of Christianity to the world, following the ministry of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and His crucifixion and ascension back into the heavenly realm of the Kingdom of Heaven with His Father God, it was demonstrated by Holy

Spirit’s active Presence to be God’s intention that converts into this Faith would enjoy this very fellowshipping method as their personal connection with Him. Understanding how new this prospect of knowing God personally was to the minds of humanity, it would take a very long time for the full introduction of such a blessing to find completion. Many hundreds of years would go by with only a relatively few believers coming into this knowledge and experience satisfactorily. We can smile at this because there were no telephones or television! Lee’s experiential account with this phenomenon is exciting because she writes in word-pictures that bring comprehension to the soul-self such that Faith grows and develops with the reading of each page. God is not complicated . . . from the very Beginning He has kept things simple . . . it is us, the human product of His Plan, who make Faith complicated.

Christianity is not actually a religion among the variety of religions in the world. By definition, it is the experience of Christ-in, Christ experienced within the soul/spirit such that Christianity is a state of spirit and not a state of mind. He is the bridge for humanity back into the very Heart of God, where humanity was created. The long range Plan of God for His Creation Purpose is thrilling to learn of and even more thrilling to experience personally. This book is fun to read because Lee writes in a down-to-earth and friendly manner . . . simple examples from her own life are so familiar that reading them takes the reader right into her world. While she writes in a simple manner, what she writes of is profound and life-changingly effectual.

She shares her biographical history of being born in Montana and moving around much of her life as she squeezed in her growing up, marriage, education in chunks here and there, having a family, and frequent hardships which included deep heartaches because this life is not easy to sojourn through.

She has found that this life is the God-Provided Holy Course of coming to grip with realities of this world, and of strong hope, and of finding that the Heart of God is a breath away at all times.

"To have her book in your personal library is to give yourself a gift of Light to change your experience with Deity to be more than you could have imagined."

Fellowshipping with Holy Spirit: Up Close and Personal
Written by: S Lee Winnan
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