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Indignor House is proud to announce the release of Habits that Haunt Me by Patricia Sorg

Book cover for Habits that Haunt Me

Habits that Haunt Me

Author Patricia Sorg

Patricia Sorg

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Indignor House Logo

Habits that Haunt Me by Patricia Sorg

The Horse and the Rose”
— Patricia Sorg
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA, USA, March 28, 2022 / -- Indignor House is proud to announce the release of Habits that Haunts Me by Patricia Sorg. Habits was initially published in Guatemala by Piedrasanta in October of 2021. The Spanish version has received five-star reviews and is currently in production for an audio book. Patricia is traveling this month throughout Guatemala, conducting book signings and interviews. We are proud to have Patricia as one of our newest authors.

Habits that Haunt Me centers around Brisa, a young professional, who enjoys a glass of wine. The problem? She wants that glass throughout the day. Being assigned as the lead architect for a large housing development, Brisa is excited, for this project will either make or break her career. The only restriction? She must stop drinking.

Brisa arrives on the site only to find spirits. Spirits that are both liquid and vapor, but which of the spirits are real, because for Brisa, both are too real. Walking the halls of an ancient Catholic girl’s school, she hears voices. Residue memories, she is told. Voices that are demanding justice. But justice for what?

Throughout the novel, Patricia delves deeply into the pain that an alcoholic must endure on an hourly basis. The novel, although fiction, fully explores the suffering behind the giving into our desires or standing firm with what is right. With the help from one of her ghosts, Brisa learns the harsh truth about reality and how fighting one’s demons, either inner or outer, is not only dangerous but more difficult than simply living life.

Brisa constantly struggles between choosing a drink or staying sober. Surviving through the stages of withdrawal, Brisa walks a thin line between the truth and hidden secrets that played on years before her birth. And her birth itself played a major role.

Walk the hidden catacombs and dark passageways as Brisa stumbles through a conspiracy that threatens her life and the life of others around her. Are the ghosts real or simply a symptom of her drinking?

Enjoy this new and exciting thriller that mixes love, murder, sex-trafficking, and government conspiracy all inside one novel. A page turner that is hard to put down and easy to pick up.

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