Puns of Pain: Author shouts words of support to Will Smith's Reaction in Defense of Wife

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Author PF Felix sees the relevance to actor Will Smith's actions. "The man is a REAL MAN... A HERO!" Now chivalry has a new name, "WILL".

“Out of love, / No regrets— / Though the goodness / Be wasted forever. / Out of love, / No regrets— / Though the return / Be never.” —”
— Langston Hughes
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Author PF Felix is having a great day, March 28, 2022. For one, it’s her oldest female child’s (Li’s) birthday (14). In addition, her hubby and bestie of 2-decades made it through another year to his 52nd birthday (two days ago) and is beating cancer to boot. However, if you think those are the ONLY reasons why she's loving ‘it’, think again? Her glee-like momentum is due to an amazing piece of media that aired last night @ the 2022-annual Oscars Ceremony, hosted by Chris Rock. [Will Smith SLAPS Chris Rock at Oscars 2022 – [ET]: from https://youtu.be/z4t1CC7-UFE]. This event sparked a conversation that everyone is talking about, and with good reason. To some, that situation may seem unfortunate and downright irresponsible, but to Author PF Felix, it was the highlight of her weekend. Why may you ask? Will Smith's reaction to Chris Rock's derogatory comments about his lovely wife's (Wakadan, fashion-forward) hairstyle, spiraled into a physical altercation, affirmed to author that chivalry is not dead; it’s very much alive and active and that there is hope for the future generation if they take note and learn. On a personal note, author states publicly (via soc-M), “Mr. Rock, Mrs. Smith’s hair choice, is her freaking choice. Maybe you should try it, cause your toupee is tired, Pookie (yeah, we remember, NJC)!

For author, to know Smith is to love Smith. From ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ to the all too sexy super-savior in ‘I AM LEGEND’; one can't utter his name without melting a bit. He's simply perfect. Yet, even after the unfortunate (2022) Oscar debacle, Mr. Smith has elevated to a new title; "CHIVALROUS!" Before you grow an ego over the matter, please think upon it. Every relationship (LGBTQIAP+, or otherwise) has its difficulties, and it’s nobody’s business, but when your significant other is humiliated, what is a person to do? The answer is simple, they must act. Author supports her POV by saying, “as an African-Caribbean-woman, who also has some medical setbacks, if someone were to ever insult me like that, my Creole-Dominican spouse would not think twice about managing the situation, Caribbean-style.” So when seeing Mr. Will Smith (a person whom she’s adored and mildly had a crush on since childhood…) stand up for his wife by slapping the b**** out of Rock (a.k.a. Pookie), she had to stand up and applaud both Mr. & Mrs. Smith, for setting the ‘family example’. “There are essentially the Obamas of Hollywood”, says author. In addition, PF believes that bullying is bullying; even if you’re on TV. For people who think it amusing to poke fun at others for entertainment, that’s just you showing you have no skill, or your craft is weak, and for Mr. Pookie, maybe now you’ll learn to find some damn, new material! Well, after you’ve ice-them-cheeks, bra!"

Note, author is not promoting violence by no means, she’s just uplifting Sir Issac Newton's laws of physics, that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. In Chris’ case, he got what was coming to him. For author, this is reminiscent of Chapter 09 in her novel title “Pomp & Circumstance”, where the protagonist whip the heaven out of her nemesis when she discovered that her beau was coerced into an affair via a date rape drug. Once Myra (the protagonist) learned that he was taken advantage of by a money-loving Jezebel, she had to act by giving her the true meaning of a ‘Slap-a$$’. For author, she received some blowback from readers, stating that violence is never the answer. Her response was, “wake the heaven up.” Further noting, “if you truly love someone, and they are being mistreated or taken advantage of, you don’t reason, you freaking act!” To author, love is action, and Will proved that when he slapped (not punched or kicked, there's a difference...) but slapped rocks out of Chris (pun intended) for his disgusting behavior.

"I truly do hope Smith runs for president one day!", says the author. Recalling an old-hip magazine article stating that the beau-actor was once quoted as saying such in times past. "Now that's a President I can get behind", said PF. Smith has certainly proven himself on the silver screen, even before his recent & well-deserved Oscar win. Now, to Author PF, he has become more. Perhaps the quintessential husband figure of my generation. "He's almost too delicious to portray Dr. Nolan", the main character and hero in her novel, ‘The Night Professor’ unless he wanted to? That door is always open for you”

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PF Felix is a (new) paranormal, thriller-romance author born in the West Indies, but working out of the Bay Area, California. While Felix has worked in various industries, including education and healthcare, PF’s true passion is writing. PF Felix takes inspiration from real-life events and incorporates them into her writings. THE RENNINGTON CHRONICLES is a fusion of religious tales, recreated in a modern world with enticing characters and even current, real-life situations. With over 20 years of writing experience, PF Felix aspires to use her talents to take readers on a journey... To find out more about PF Felix and her upcoming releases, visit https://renningtonchronicles.com/ or learn more via her Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBQeaft-_B2z82Fi0Aqb-Qg/

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