Queer asperger giving benchmark setting aesthetic form and face identity to the the emerging blockchain built metaverse

If Blockchain had a form it would look like MBF-Lifestyle designs

Giving a visual from to the metaverse

Blockchain design experience vertigo you can feel

There is order in the Chaos, since consciousness is pervasive through nature and the cosmos.

Esoteric tarot Inspired  Experience designs you can feel

Seafaring spirit abeam of the three sisters of Cape Blomidon Nova Scotia

The core building Aesthetic principals in the various closed blockchain networks now connecting to each other in this emergence of new 3,0 blockchain internet.

A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country”
— Mary “Texas” Guinan
ST BERNARD, NS, CANADA, May 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- MBF-Lifestyle 3D motion Graphics are quickly establishing themselves as the benchmark in the Emerging NFT with Aesthetics. Catching the eye of savvy digital wallet-carrying buyers in the asset class criteria niche. Part of the symbolism is a key factor for branding success in the metaverse.It is what connects to an audience in this fast-evolving tech space. Symbols speak louder than words and get retained longer in their mind. It is the creative minds that can provide an audience with something they can feel. 'Like entering a place called Vertigo It's everything I wish I didn't know. But yet it gives you something you can feel.'

Having this new tech asset class march right along is all good and inevitable, however, we are the guardians of our path as much as we are the Champions of the World in this new world order, which is such a VR/AR copy of the real one, it is difficult to distinguish between the two of them. Be careful who you bring to the party; that is part of the charm and mysticism of neural perceptron networks, we are connecting to. Beyond the former realm of centralized Clics and Clans, where you feel like your Nastassja Kinski in the Roman Polanski film Tess de Les D’Hiberville.; style endemic in Patriminial Nationalist pride types

It is a disruptive technology in a disruptive shape-shifting time where a Queer Asperger can take something so patrimonial and heritage entrenched like French Acadian Culture Values.

And weave them like Nova Scotia Tartan; into a modern contemporary new visual NFT design experience art form; like never seen before. Resulting in a viewing experience that requires the audience to take a deep breath and brace for visual impact into an immersive design experience.

Taking eclectic and diverse esoteric inspired NFT designs and connecting them to the concepts that we are all interconnected through an intelligent Unified Energy Field that underlies our very existence and gives us shared access to an almost infinite within /without And the infinite reservoir of quantum energy, information, and power it contains; and is waiting for users to harness for good instead of self-centered Kardashian like ego gains. With the architecture etched onto the mind and the mind etched onto the architecture that builds it. Since what we already do every day matters—and has the potential to become a powerful DAO decentralized autonomous organization providing an experience of reflection, sanctuary, and meaning in our lives; it really does; dOrg style.

Vital navigation guide to have in the new metaverse that can swallow up the ones not grounded in basic truth skillsets, needed to be trusted.

From the space between the very atoms that make up the molecules, that make up the cells, that make up the tissue, that makes up the organs, that make up all you and me. Just being aware of the remarkable details of this new visual storyline will give you access to a whole new level of possibility in your life.

Like a third eye portal gate that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness without the delusional drugs. Wise ancient teaching speaks of how each part of the flow contains all we know of the entire flow, like the reoccurring symmetry of sacred forms, golden ratio, and fractal design. It could not be more true with blockchain metaverse; since it is a chain link of consciousness thought built by the conscious thought that built it, with an A.I. life of its own and all of us all built right into it, so why not ensure it has good taste and style to it.

This is the core building of what MBF-LIfestyle experience designs do; like the various closed blockchain networks now connecting to each other as we see and partake in building this emergence of a new blockchain internet. Like Prince Henry Sinclair sailing for Nova Scotia with a shipload of Knights Templar knowledge and treasure circa 1398 A.D.
All of it enables a massive redefining of the characteristics of contemporary art in the new metaverse. Like Genies serve as a complementary accessory to your Metaverse Avatar, and affect the fundamental sense of self in the repository of a society’s collective memory. The Platinum winner in the Hermes Creative design Award 3D NFT motion graphic designs of MBF-Lifestyle really bump up your game, since they are issued in editions of “one only” not 1000 watered down for the sake of more money. Upstarts who say buy my stuff because we are the Cool Kids.

It is this idea used to create the genesis of the blockchain ISO Standard TC307, it is always there in a new paradigm shift since you have to show stuff on the wall to see what sticks and becomes the benchmark of the taste and values of the times, as Andy Warhol with pop art, Yves St Laurent with clothing, the Beatles with pop music. It’s cyclic and is happening now in the winter season of the Fourth turning we are in until 2028. After which e will have a massive renaissance of everything now.

What has now been done in Quant is create a blockchain operating system called Overledger; which sites on top of existing and future blockchains. The system allows for the ability to reach and write data between various blockchains and respect the rules of each blockchain, such as consensus.

Like the visual overlay of the esoteric inspired visual narrative of MBF-Lifestyle NFT; active in shaping the visual NFT Design experience art evolution in the two foundational technologies of AI and Blockchain and help foster innovation to develop new and revolutionary technologies, by giving the blockchain a visual contemporary art of the present-day form and “Look” that is also nice to look at.

In a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that challenge traditional boundaries and defy easy definitions of what we once said felt, did, and how we said felt, and did it so be part of it or die.

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NFT Brand Logo Design in the Metaverse Art Gallery MBF-Lifestyle of Claude Edwin Theriault.Giving face and form to Blockchain