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Jeanie Chang inspires women to embrace their authenticity as a path to self-worth

Jeanie Chang - Women Who Boss Up Book Tour

Your Change Provider

Women Who Boss Up Book Tour

The speaker, therapist, and coach headlines the upcoming Women Who Boss Up Conference with a must-hear message about healthy emotionality.

USA, March 29, 2022/ -- Jeanie Chang is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, but she brings much more diverse experience to her work. She started her career as a broadcast journalist, then went to business school to earn a degree in marketing. How do her varied skills merge? She has become a well-known and effective speaker on mental health in corporate settings. Through her private practice, Your Change Provider, PLLC, she provides not only clinical services to individual clients but also executive and leadership coaching and workplace presentations on mental health and DEI. She is the founder of the Cultural Confidence® program, a framework that promotes “healthy emotionality through the powerful intersections of identity, mindfulness, resilience, and mental health.” Healthy emotionality is the core of Jeanie’s work.

Especially in Asian American households, children are taught that “saving face” and not showing emotion are critically important. “It’s about making sure that no one knows something’s wrong,” Jeanie says. “But that is not healthy. Stress is a normal part of life. I do a lot of normalizing and de-stigmatizing in my work. For healthy emotionality to promote good mental health, you need to be able to express your emotions and be real.”

Jeanie came to this realization in her own life when she had achieved what she thought was her dream, to become a prominent Asian American broadcast journalist, and yet she remained unfulfilled. The experience led her to her favorite saying, which is also the title of her memoir: “A is for authentic, not for anxieties or straight As.” She had realized that being happy meant finding her own authenticity, not piling on achievements. She named her practice Your Change Provider because she believes identity is always evolving. “People want identity to be final —'This is who I am’— but identity is never final. Change is always happening for growth. And that’s necessary!”

Jeanie herself continues to grow. “I am getting better day by day at claiming my self-worth and the value I bring as a paid corporate speaker,” she says. “I no longer will shortchange myself and decrease my fee when I get a questioning look. I use my noonchi—it literally means “sharp eye measure”—which is a Korean superpower to gauge how the leadership at a client organization perceives my worth. When my noonchi tells me they do not value me for my skillset and what I can provide, I do not budge on my speaker fee when they say it’s too high. However, when my noonchi tells me they really value my work but cannot afford my fee, I will work with their budget. It is never about the money. It is about being appreciated and valued for my expertise, time, and skill.”

Jeanie shares more of her advice on Cultural Confidence® and intersectionalities in the inspiring new book Asian Women Trailblazers Who Boss Up, a collection of interviews with female entrepreneurs that is a rich resource for Asian women but also for all women looking for models and mentors to help guide their journeys to greatness. You can catch Jeanie in person at several upcoming events, including the first-ever Women Who Boss Up Conference in Las Vegas; the Boss Up Book Tour, which comes to Los Angeles April 26; and the Saigu Conference April 30 in Los Angeles, hosted by the Council of Korean Americans to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the L.A. riots.

About the Women Who Boss Up Book Tour and Conference
Whether you’ve been bossing up for a while or you’re looking for support on your boss-up journey, the Women Who Boss Up book series is your chance to take inspiration and advice from women just like you. You’ll read about women in Corporate America who pursued their dreams of business ownership, women who faced seemingly insurmountable challenges but learned how to move forward, women who followed their intuition to create lives of fulfillment and financial success. This is a diverse group of entrepreneurs and all women will see themselves represented in one of the stories. You can also meet some of these women in person during the Boss Up Book Tour this spring. Or join other boss ladies from around the world at the first-ever Women Who Boss Up Conference. This two-day conference is packed with information you can use right now, whether you’ve just launched a business, are ready to scale up a solid operation, or are only beginning to explore your options. Now is the time to get out of the Zoom room and into the meeting room! We hope to see you in one of our book tour cities or at Red Rock Casino & Resort in Las Vegas May 18–20. Note that conference capacity is limited, so check out the full schedule and register here.

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