Importance of NFT Aesthetic value in emerging Indigenous inspired Totemic designs the new Web 3.0 metaverse

3D-Motion Graphic experience design Brand logos for the VR real estate of the Metaverse

3 D NFT Design-Golden ratio and geometry design experience NFT MBF-Lifestyle East Coast

Blockchain Temple of ETH Brand Logo Mindseye Vitruvian C++-Combination -Source-Code MBF-Lifestyle East Coast

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3D NFT motion Graphic Tower-Beam-Vatican-Holy-See-Benediction-Congruence emerging

Tower-Beam-Vatican-Holy-See-Benediction-Congruence -emerging

NFT design creators with Indigenous first nations inspired aesthetic taste the collective esoteric consciousness are catching on to.

Take a deep breath and brace yourself for visual impact; with an immersive design experience.”
— Claude Edwin Theriault
ST BERNARD, NS, CANADA, May 2, 2022 / -- With the fast-evolving new NFT designs and creators making news with record-high sales on Sotheby's, it is important to evolve with taste.

Having this new tech asset class march right along is all good and inevitable, however, we are the guardians of our path as much as we are the Champions of the World in this new world order, which is such a VR/AR copy of the real one, it is difficult to distinguish between the two of them.

Part of the charm and mystic to neural perceptron networks, we are connecting to beyond the former realm of centralized provincial Atlantic Canadian Clic and Clans, class structures of old; where anyone with innovation is made to feel like your Nastassja Kinski in the Roman Polanski film Tess de Les D’Hiberville.; retrouvailles style.The nonofficial poster boy for the Provincial taste at the Congrès Mondial acadien 2024 Venez vivre votre acadie types.

Taking Nova Scotian French Acadian Culture Values and weaving them into a modern Tartan contemporary fabric via new visual NFT contemporary art design experience like never seen before. Resulting in a viewing experience that requires the audience to take a deep breath in and brace for visual impact, and immersion into the design experience.

Important for NFT creators to bring aesthetics and value creation to this new Cryptovoxels art world.Emotional connectivity being the first and foremost one tied to it, the evolution capability of the digital asset over time since these assets are taking on a life of their own as they mimic characteristics of real-world assets in the information layer coded into the blockchain platform they are built on; where the vibe is virtual.

Social impact and its capacity to bring change via a new modality that works better and faster than the old modalities that no longer seem to work due to social fatigue of seeing it be the same old news.

Participatory access and the value created by the excitement of unlocking the participatory involvement experience something savvy artists and influencers in the know; are already building on.

The collective power of the community behind the NFT asset; is always a strong galvanizing force people love to be a part of ie Tribe ( Us versus Them)
Domain transportability means just how easy it is to move this asset between domains with ease and no risk of loss.

Social Metaverse is the new must be place to be. With the aligning of culture, communities, shopping, entertainment, and economies, a convergence known as the Social Metaverse has been born. So as to respect people, since lessons were learned in the initial Myspace real where it soon became a place for predatory people; resulting in its metric fall from grace real fast.

The visually aesthetic motion graphics of MBFLifestyle act as a visual Amulets that serve as your Totemic Identity and power in your metaverse
from ancient Egypt to Cartier they are popular for the reason that people have had a connection to them for millennia, hence the value they bring.

To NFT collectors with taste looking for something that has meaning since we all are drawn to the therapeutic aspect that comes with looking at beauty from; Le génie du mal /The Genius of Evil to the sublime Lucifer of Liège. Some NFT collectors in the know seek something with real allure beyond the latest uninspired Instagram Influencers that just don’t do it for all of us in these days of shifting morals and values.

Hence the ascending rise in the popularity of 3D Motion Graphic NFT creator Claude Edwin Theriault @ MBF-Lifestyle. Coming from a Queer Asperger perception, and delivering a design experience visual narrative tuned to the Cupertino/Zug crowd with educated taste and sonification you cannot buy with the swipe of a smartphone.

Inspired by Channeling Pure Source Light Energy and placing that energy into Inspired experience design most simply does not.
Giving a form and force in a visual UNISOT Universal Source of Truth A part of the collective the mempool of the WeiBlock chain.

All encoded into a smart contract Aesthetic format with Ethos Morals and Values in the 3D Motion Graphics.
Producing Beauty so pretty you cannot take it Outta Da House to Downtown; cause Downtown would not let you take that Beauty back on up home. We talking that Pretty.

We all have the capacity to light up a moment for the next person, by actually paying gratitude forward; instead of just talking about it. Like the cool clic kids in the fading artistically bankrupt mainstream social media realm, that the metaverse is replacing day by day. MBF-Lifestyle is following the Blockchain as a service innovator like Microsoft (MSFT) owned ConsenSys using this web 3 tech to outperform the Meta Twitter cool kids gang.

Using a public node access portal to Mass Adoption of Tokenization that will allow MBFlifestyle designs to be part of the new benchmark in NFTs with Aesthetic morals and values like the old masters had, producing something of such beauty it is therapeutic as well as a store of value asset class savvy investors seek in the new renaissance we are seeing, since smart people with cryptocurrencies in their digital wallets, also have taste.

Due to the timeless theories of harmony and the aesthetics of movement. woven into the tartan fabric designs emerging in this new sphere of the
visual arts. They are representations of concepts that never go out of style since they hold the secret to timeless beauty, be it the old masters or the Hermes design award-winning NFTs of Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle.

Yes, techs make technical advances. But in order to be worth real money, NFTs need to provide real “value” like real goods and services that real people… with real spending power… will pay for. 

Since nothing endures but change in the substantial reality and its underlying power.As above same as below.

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French Acadian Artist Claude Edwin Theriault NFT creator wins Platinum Hermes Creative Design Award with Archetypal Imagery