Beyond Breast Cancer, CureMetrix expanding the Value of Radiology for Women’s Health at the Society for Breast Imaging

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High Performance of AI-based model for scoring BAC on mammograms

Beyond Breast Cancer - Extending the Value of Mammography

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Raises the Bar for Mammography at SBI Imaging Symposium

The radiologist reading AI-based mammograms has incredible power in supporting overall women’s health. Our aim at SBI/ACR 2022 is to help doctors and imaging centers harness their full potential.”
— Navid Alipour, Chief Executive Officer, CureMetrix
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2022 / -- CureMetrix, Inc., a global healthcare technology company that delivers AI-driven software for radiology will be expanding the conversation at the Society of Breast Imaging Symposium (SBI/ACR 2022) to be held May 16 to 19, 2022, at the Savannah Convention Center.

Women want to know that the latest technology that includes artificial intelligence (AI) is supporting their healthcare teams, and they want to select imaging centers and hospital systems that give them that confidence. This imaging symposium offers a variety of sessions across all breast imaging modalities with live demonstrations, original research, and live theater sessions.

"The radiologist reading AI-based mammograms has incredible power in supporting overall women’s health," said Navid Alipour, CEO for CureMetrix. "Our aim at SBI/ACR 2022 is to help doctors and imaging centers harness their full potential.”


#1 Tuesday, May 17, 12:15 pm EDT

Beyond Breast Cancer - Extending the Value of Mammography for Women’s Health

○ Discussion: Extending the use of the mammogram and creating more value for the radiologist, this discussion will review new and national research on the evolution of the AI-based mammogram to improve workflow, reduce false positives, and increase cancer detection. Discussion will also include an overview of how stratifying the risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) by detecting and quantifying Breast Arterial Calcifications (BAC) from a mammogram can benefit imaging centers, healthcare systems, and millions of women.

○ Session will include LIVE Q&A session with Kevin Harris, President and co-Founder of CureMetrix

#2 Wednesday, May 18, 1:30 pm EDT

High Performance of AI-based Model for Scoring BAC on Mammograms - New Scientific Research

○ Discussion: In this presentation, Dr. Watanabe will discuss the results from a clinical assessment of the external validity of a novel Breast Arterial Calcification (BAC) quantification score using novel AI-based cmAngio™ from CureMetrix. As highlighted in the clinical abstract, AI-based cmAngio demonstrates efficient processing of mammograms and excellent performance for detection of BAC in screening mammograms.

○ Authors/Presenters:

Alyssa Watanabe, MD, FACR - radiologist
Keck Medicine of USC, Chief Medical Officer - CureMetrix

Nitesh Nerlekar, MD, MH, PhD – cardiologist and cardiac imaging specialist
MonashHeart, MonashHealth, Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute

Society of Breast Imaging - SBI/ACR 2022
May 16-18, 2022
Savannah, GA – Convention Center
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About CureMetrix Solutions
Focused on Women's Health, the CureMetrix AI suite of radiology solutions include:
● cmTriage® - the first FDA-cleared AI-based triage solution for mammography in the U.S.
● cmAssist® - an AI-based CAD intended to identify, mark and score regions of interest on screening mammograms
● cmDensity™ - intended to automate the classification of breast density based on BI-RADS 5th edition
● cmAngio™ - an AI-based triage software intended to help doctors assess a woman’s risk of coronary heart disease from a mammogram.

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