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Sugar Sweet Mangos™ begin 2022 Export Season

Sweet Sugar Mangos being held in the palm of the hand, showing its very small size

Sweet Sugar Mangos are super-sweet and fit in the palm of your hand!

Sugar Mangos grown by Goldenberry Farms

Sweet Sugar Mangos™ are super sweet, miniature mangos that can be eaten with the skin!

Box of 6 sweet sugar mangos

Sugar Mangos are perfect for snacking, lunchbox treats,, and gifts - they are a real delight of the Spring Season

These naturally grown mini-mangos are fragrant, sweet, and edible with the skin!

This variety is really special, it is smaller and more sweet and fragrant than the Ataulfo and Honey mango, and much more convenient to eat, especially because they can be eaten with the skin.”
— Christopher Palumbo, Goldenberry Farms

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, March 23, 2022 / -- Goldenberry Farms™ has begun shipping the initial boxes of Sweet Sugar Mangos™, an ultra-sweet and miniature mango variety, trademarked by the company. These naturally grown tree mangos easily fit in the palm of your hand and are unique due to their ability to be eaten with their skin, giving it the nickname of “lunchbox mango.”

The Sweet Sugar Mango has a red, fragrant flesh with a sweet juicy taste and a brix level of 22. Unlike some other exotic mangos, Sweet Sugar Mangos™ do not have a fibrous taste. These miniature mangos are grown naturally, non-GMO, and have a peak harvest season of April through September.

Sweet Sugar Mangos™ are exclusively grown commercially in the Magdalena Region of Colombia, close to Santa Marta on the Caribbean Coast. The tropical environment and unique locale create an ideal microclimate for this specialty fruit. The small fruit is highlighted for its extreme popularity in the region.

“This variety is really special, it is smaller and more sweet and fragrant than the Ataulfo and Honey mango, and much more convenient to eat. They are especially popular with parents and children who really love the fact that they can be eaten without peeling.“

Sweet Sugar Mangos™ are offered commercially in 2 kilo (4.5 pound) cases, which hold between 18-24 mangos each. Specially branded retail kits and mini boxes are available to merchandise the Sugar Mangos™ in store.

Goldenberry Farms™ expects to offer up to 6,000 cases weekly of Sugar Mangos™ and Sweet Sugar Mangos™. The fruit is available to customers globally, and pending the final permissions for entering the USA market, which is expected for this season.

Sugar Mangos™ and Sweet Sugar Mangos™ are exclusive trademarks of Goldenberry Farms, LLC, and are available to be used under license by qualified growers, distributors, and importers. For more information, please contact


Antioquia-based Goldenberry Farms™, known for its “Where Good Things Grow” approach to sustainable farming, focuses on the development of exotic, “better for you” tropical fruit and produce, and is involved in all levels of the fruit development, including packing, export, and marketing.

The company has received ZOMAC accreditation for its commitment to successfully redevelop rural areas of Colombia, previously affected by the armed conflict, creating thriving agro communities and jobs with a mission of introducing healthy, tropical produce to consumers globally.

Goldenberry Farms™ maintains Global GAP and Global GRASP certifications and uses technology to help minimize environmental footprints.

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Goldenberry Farms™, Sugar Mango™, Sweet Sugar Mangos™, and Where Good Things Grow™ are registered trademarks of Goldenberry Farms, LLC, and available under license in select geographic regions.

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Goldenberry Farms
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Enjoy Sweet Sugar Mangos ... Delicioso!