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Florida Man Loses His Job, Wife, and Girlfriend After Private Investigator Exposes His Double-Life

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A Private Investigator from One Stone Investigative Group Recently Put a Man to Justice After Unearthing Solid Evidence of His Deceitful Lifestyle

…I was able to locate him and discovered he was living a double life.”
— Matthew Reynolds, Private Investigator
FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2022 / -- Almost everyone fears infidelity in their relationships at one point or another, but in many cases, they don’t do anything about it. One woman, however, decided to act on her intuition, and with the right help, was able to discover that her hunch was correct.

Recently, a private Investigator at One Stone Investigative Group was hired by a woman who had concerns regarding her boyfriend. The woman told the PI that her boyfriend of five years would go on extended business trips, and she suspected there was a lot more going on than he was telling her about.

The PI carried out his investigation, and the results were shocking—to say the least. He discovered that not only was her boyfriend already married, but his wife was pregnant, and they had recently purchased a new home. The woman who hired the PI was mind blown by this new information because he had been promising that he would marry her soon.

“…I was able to locate him and discovered he was living a double life. Married, pregnant wife, new house. All while using the girlfriend for money, sex, and promises of marriage one day soon. I’m pleased to say that justice was well-served. As a result of our investigation and the evidence presented, he was exposed to both women and terminated from his job."- PI from One Stone Investigative Group

Betrayal from a loved one is never easy to deal with. If anyone feels like their significant other is cheating on them, they should make sure they get in touch with a qualified private investigator as soon as possible so they can get them the evidence and answers they need.

Statistics show that 22% of Married Men Commit an Act of Adultery

Almost a quarter of men admit to infidelity in marriage. More shockingly so, 36% of men and women admit to infidelity while they are on a business trip, and 30% of women and 46% of men state they are well-aware of their spouse’s infidelity.

These statistics may just look like numbers on paper, but their gravity is only understood when a real-life case is heard or experienced personally.

Infidelity may be on the rise in the United States and across the world because of a complex set of changing societal factors, but individuals can still protect themselves from being taken advantage of and they can get the justice they deserve by remaining vigilant and opting to work with professional investigative services.

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