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The Ballerina

Gestures on Parental and Family Love As Seen On A Page-Turner Book

A hardworking great-grandfather expresses his love through an awe-inspiring narrative.”
— Daniel M. Meza

LONDON, GREAT BRITAIN, March 22, 2022 / -- Daniel M. Meza's inspiration in writing his newly published book The Ballerina, is inspired by family love, and his quest to teach others the attributes needed for attaining success in life. Daniel was raised in poverty by a divorced single mother, and in a Los Angeles California housing project. He early displayed a gifted creative and inquisitive mind, able to write deep narratives, compose songs, and tell his younger sibling’s stories that he especially created for them.

What Daniel pondered most growing up was on what it takes to become a successful person in life. And most of his stories were about someone succeeding under troubled situations or in difficult circumstances. The Ballerina became his most asked for story by children and surprisingly even more by adults who greatly enjoyed his storytelling. They repeatedly encouraged him to write a book about this story, and they said, “if one day a movie was made of ‘The Ballerina,’ they would take the entire family to see it.”

The Ballerina story has two aspirations: your entertainment, and inspiration. The book is composed of three genres: Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery. First it is Real Fiction featuring a love story of a father’s dying wish for his two-year-old daughter to receive a high quality education in life, and the mother’s great personal sacrifices to provide for that education. The father’s secret wish was to see his daughter dance like a Ballerina. Second, it is a Mystery on how the very Ballerina Doll lost in the car collision responsible for Jan Marie’s father’s fatal accident, suddenly re-appears in an old toy store window, discovered by Jan Marie on her way home from school one day, and falls in love with it. And Third, it is a Fantasy because of how The Ballerina Doll, after Jan Marie works to buy the doll and takes it home, suddenly comes to life and teaches Jan Marie for five years the art of professional Ballerina dancing before completely vanishing.

Daniel M. Meza’s prowess advanced him to become a professional songwriter and musician. He has had several careers. He was a manager at a Phone company, a Project Manager working internationally, a Teacher, and a Probation Officer. He obtained a Master’s in Business and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

The Ballerina
Written by: Daniel M. Meza
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