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Souls from Mercury: Chakra Magic: Empowering Relationships


Author Awakes Our Chakras Using Meditations and in Pursuit of Wisdom and to Rising Above the Divisions of Humanity

“My unique approach is couched in my lucid style of explanation that appeals to the modern scientific community. I have also researched the science of the outer material world that is important.”
— Raju Ramanathan

LONDON, GREAT BRITAIN, March 22, 2022 / -- Author Raju Ramanathan has published his book title Souls from Mercury: Chakra Magic: Empowering Relationships. Each chapter of the book examines a specific
chakra, providing insight into peace and contentment on each of the levels of human and introspective existence. From the root chakras to the crown, readers of this book will be able to enhance their understanding of themselves and spirituality step-by-step and at their own pace. Ramanathan’s findings transcend a single organized religion, and he draws from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and more to find examples of familiar concepts that help explain his teachings. The desired result for a reader of this book is to find a path to a more personal, self-experienced religion and relationship with God.

“Ramanathan’s style is enthusiastic, playful, and encouraging while also being mindful and respectful of the gravity of such an undertaking and the struggles that people will experience along the way. The tenets of love and respect for all, including oneself and God, are so universal that readers of any branch of faith should pick up this book and identify what holds them back and what can push them beyond their limits. Ramanathan’s book is full of profound, powerful ideas presented by a master who loves to teach and share.” — Michael Radon, U.S. Review of Books.

Mr. Raju Ramanathan is the scientist of both the inner and the outer worlds. It sought after the major corporations to be their pioneer and champion for continuous improvements sought after by the individuals in great positions of authority to be their life coach and spiritual teacher.For more than twenty years, Ramanathan has been empowering seekers in Europe, Asia, the USA, and Canada. His unique approach brings life-transforming spiritual messages to people of all religious paths and cultural backgrounds. Mr. Yogi Raja re-introduces the lessons of ancient masters to the Western modern community. All those who are concerned about the well-being of today’s world will find Mr. Yogi Raja’s teachings are enlightening and inspirational.

Souls from Mercury: Chakra Magic: Empowering Relationships
Written by: Raju Ramanathan
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