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Tim S. Marshall: Fear Can Make or Break Businesses

Tim S. Marshall is a motivational speaker, life coach, entrepreneur, and author. He’s written 7 books in 2 years – on personal growth, entrepreneurship, young professionals, sales, leadership, millennials, and breaking fear in relationships.

Fear Expert and Business Strategist Tim S. Marshall reveals that fear has always been an obstacle for businesses even before the pandemic

When everything went into lockdown, bad news after bad kept coming, adding more fear and anxiety. It's like pouring diesel on a fire that's already existing.”
— Tim S. Marshall
PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2022 / -- Since the 2008 global financial crisis, Tim S. Marshall learned to expect the unexpected. Even though he started a company amid a problem, he managed to grow it into a billion-dollar business in less than five years, which landed him a place in Inc. Magazine's top 5000 entrepreneurs for four consecutive years. His success was due to his understanding of fear and how to overcome it.

A decade later, Covid-19 stepped in and plunged everything into uncertainty and despair. But Tim already knew what to do. "We're in a period of our lives where there is constant fear because we have 24/7 access to news that could negatively affect us. We're not adapted to take on so much negative information," said the author who wrote eleven books on breaking fear, personal growth, and fostering relationships in business. Before the pandemic hit, people were already facing different challenges to survive. "When everything went into lockdown, bad news after bad kept coming, adding more fear and anxiety. It's like pouring diesel on a fire that's already existing."

The world faced a tragic situation so suddenly; companies shut down, and millions of people lost or quit their jobs because of fear. However, Tim remained unfazed and kept reinventing himself instead. He long discovered that fear is why companies step back and have second thoughts. He recently opened his doors to teaching organizations on overcoming fear first before setting goals to spread the message. "If you can't face your fears, you can't move on to creating your goals." The following interview with Tim entails his foresight on what to expect for 2022. Raising awareness on how to conquer fear is crucial in helping professionals, company executives, entrepreneurs, and even students overcome fear and become more confident in making consequential decisions.

In this exclusive interview, Tim reveals his revolutionary mindset that prompts others to rethink building business and relationships. He aims to bridge the gap of generational thinking and teach business athletes and professionals the right way of making sales. Tim S. Marshall is represented by ZavoMedia PR Group based in NYC. Tim’s PR firm stands strongly behind his vision and his success story is making an impact globally. For over 25 years in the technology industry, Tim has stood as a significant pillar in helping “C” suites and business owners to break the ceiling and create impressive results using his inventive tactics.
The pandemic keeps on disrupting the economy. How can businesses thrive with the constant changes?

Since the pandemic, we've witnessed a massive shift to social media. More people are going online, and we see trends changing constantly. What made companies shut down and never come back is because of fear. They're afraid of changing their business structure because they think it wouldn't work. Fear starts when you believe that everything is out of your control. The first thing to focus on is what you can control.

The entrepreneurs who succeeded learned to diversify. Your job is to figure out why they're winning. An example is the business model that you have. Tweak it and try different things to pivot your business by offering other products and services that you think are more relevant to the current situation.

Online businesses searched higher than ever. What are your expectations for 2022?

People will be more accustomed to the new world of buying and selling. We created a new need because we had to. The challenge lies in our communication skills. Sales and marketing online are different from face-to-face interactions. We have to be more attentive to what customers want and be more articulate about what we can offer.

The majority of executives use stories to persuade and motivate people in the workplace. Can you share with our readers how you communicate effectively with your team?

Some leaders are good at telling others to do it, but they fail at teaching them how. The key lies in empathic problem-solving. It would be best if you could teach people how to do it based on analogies and storytelling and understand their feelings and perspectives. When they can identify those problems with you, they're more motivated to fight the battles together as a team.

As a student of life, Tim sought to learn more about fear and its implications in various situations. Although he admitted that digital media is ever-changing and challenging, his fortitude allowed him to carry on and develop more innovative methods to overcome fear and teach it to the world. With knowledge, one can quickly turn fear into power to address scenarios unique to the business sector.

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