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3D-Motion Graphic MBF-Lifestyle East Coast experience design Brand logos for the VR real estate of the Metaverse

Grand Pre Nova Scotia design logo for the Meta-Reality

Blockchain Temple of ETH Brand Logo trends in the Metaverse by MBF-Lifestyle East Coast

Blockchain Temple of ETH Brand Logo trends in the Metaverse

Blockchain Temple of ETH Brand Logo trends in the Metaverse by MBF-Lifestyle East Coast

Raven Totem Archetype

NFT art trends savvy buyers are watching in the VR Ar Meta-reality Metaverse

Afflicted with the Beauty of the Creative Madness and the Madness of the Creative Beauty”
— Claude Edwin Theriault
ST BERNARD, NS, CANADA, March 21, 2022 / -- Archetypal branding allows the viewing audience to connect and identify certain parts of themselves with the characters, and as such become more invested and involved in the story as if it were a living thing.

The esoteric Inspired totemic imagery used by Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle are setting themselves apart since they are guided by the beauty in the heavens. Delivering a 3D motion graphic design experience that provides a sensorial feeling the viewers simply cannot get in static non-motion images. Currently in Creator Queue at Snowcrash platform

In a new age where new morals and values are taking form in a metaverse that is in its infancy, it is something savvy brand logo design collectors and influencers, with a keen eye for aesthetic design, are taking note of.

Archetypes have been etched into our collective psyche for millennia, they have their shadows just as each of us has a shadow side that we keep hidden from ourselves and others.

It often represents our fears, our guilt, and our repressed desires, and is quite key in what we are drawn towards

From Hero(Nike),Sage(Google),Outlaw( Harley Davidson),Explorer(Jeep),Lover(Channel),Jester(M&M) to every man women and child(Ikea).

They represent visual narratives that explore spiritual structure legacy and connection and affinity we cannot quite put our finger on.

Allowing see more parts of themselves that maybe they hadn't considered before; viewing something represents the eternal characters that exist within the psyche of humanity
in what psychologist Carl Jung called the collective unconscious through time.

Long before the arrival of Clearview AI and its databank of all our facial recognized Images; there were the ones already in our heads

It has been part of the heroic symbolist operatic narrative for millennia.
Where another story is going on beneath the surface something even more so in the AR VR realm of the metaverse currently being built.

Part of the dream consciousness has another narrative running parallel to the on canvas story.
From early Nova Scotia Folk Art Inspiration/ Shamanic First Nations/Symbolist paintings/ current NFT design experience motion graphics that will serve as extensions of personal Avatars, by being the clansman crest/Coat-of-Arms that define the VR/AR meta-reality/Metaverse neighborhood.

The bottom line is “connection” to the audience, differentiation to stand out in the crowd, in this realm personalities have more possibilities since they are not only unique but more memorable.

While channeling universal patterns of behavior that we all understand instinctively via the use of imagery in art. currently moving towards the Neural Network Artwork sphere, project perceptron style; so as to maintain a developer's edge.

Since it is simply pre-programmed into our collective subconscious, it’s like an Archetype footprint hack into the mind of the metaverse audience.

Emotion in branding is key and archetypes are masters at evoking desire and want. So as to speak to the metaverse crowds' primary motivations which are often emotionally charged.

It makes use of we are the same, you can be me, I can guide you you can be great. Standard marketing intent from Cartier to Beyonce and back again.

The metaverse is the new shadow playground to establish your unique artistic talent and make it stand out from the dull and uninspired mainstream media crowd. Meta Reality will affect everything we do; that includes banking, retail, tourism, healthcare, art, gaming, sports, and entertainment.

New artists like French Acadian Nova Scotia artist Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle aim for Metarealism with the materialization in pictorial form of the reality of other dimensions and their direct effect, and relation upon us.
By simple relations between those dimensions of reality and how we psychologically interpret them through our sub mental symbolism.

All conventional brick-and-mortar art galleries, as well as mainstream media, are falling by the wayside since it is a system that is old and broken.

The metaverse is providing an extremely immersive experience that media, as we know it so far. Simply, cannot compare to or compete with.

The change is evolving and will provide us with more change in the next 5 years than why we have seen in the past 50 years… it really will.

Bottom line NFTs is a never seen before new ways of brand storytelling and consumer interaction, the two main pillars of an effective marketing strategy.

Since good storytelling is without boundaries since it connects the physical and digital worlds; visual narrative never goes out of style, it is as old as ancient cave dwellers huddled by the fire.

With the current Uranus Pluto alignment happening there is a new renaissance in what the collective social consciousness wants to see and identify with.

Motion graphics engage and keep millennials, viewers, attention in an age where we have but seconds to engage them and convey the prevailing sentiment of these times.

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