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Connect With Hales Global Group And See Firsthand How Foundations Of Faith Drive Business Growth

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CEO Larry Hales Puts Christian Principles Into Practice To Build Bridges Between Government And The Private Sector

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2022 / -- Bring a firm commitment to honor and integrity and a dedication to what’s right into service for your company by making Hales Global Group LLC your choice to help successfully secure federal government contract bids. CEO Larry Hales has a demonstrated track record of doing what’s right, and you can tap into his faith-centered approach to help build your business by putting his boutique strategic firm on your side.

Larry Hales’ strongly rooted Christian beliefs serve as a guiding light for his service no matter the circumstances and shine even amid deep threats to democracy. Just before the world was rocked by previously unimaginable scenes in the heart of America’s capital during the January 6th insurrection, Larry Hales brought a delegation to the White House. His goal? To open a dialogue between administration officials and the 17 men of faith accompanying him. During some of America's darkest days, Hales brought focus to a brighter future, advocating along with this group of Christian leaders for deeper community economic development. This devotion to values that foster a greater good doesn’t just influence how Larry Hales works but speaks to who he is at the core. Invest your business with that principled approach by partnering with Hales Global Group, making Larry Hales your faith-driven guide to building a stronger relationship with Washington’s power brokers and getting government contracts.

“We’re in need of national unity and economic stability in America now more than ever, and I believe Christians are to work together as we strive to serve God,” said Hales Global Group founder and CEO Larry Hales. “A commitment to Christian living doesn’t just begin and end at the church doors. It plays a part in all parts of our lives, including in the boardroom and the halls of power. I believe the principles and framework of faith have had a key role in our firm helping enterprises of all sizes land government contracts successfully. You can see this process—and the results yourself by choosing Hales Global Group as your broker and advisor through the government contract process.”

With a history of proven results across industries, and with forthright dealings rooted in the fidelity of faith behind those outcomes, it’s no surprise that Hales Global Group is one of the few selectees to be present at United States Army Futures Command Headquarters for the upcoming three-day symposium VERTEX | Energy. Larry Hales feels that his dedication to serve companies across the globe—and the results he delivers for those organizations—played a key role in his invitation to this important event. He also credits his Christian commitments to ethical practices as critical to his being numbered in the 150 participants taking part. Start your journey toward unmatched business performance by selecting Larry Hales as your company’s liaison to Army Futures Command Headquarters and across the spectrum of federal government agencies. You can also begin expanding the opportunities government contracts afford your enterprise and learn more about how Larry Hales has driven results from the Carter Administration through the Biden Presidency when you buy his guide “Guarded Winning Proposal Secrets Major Government Contractors Don't Want You to Know” at

About Hales Global Group: Fueled by decades of experience from across Capitol Hill, federal executive departments, and other agencies of the United States Government, Hales Global Group innovates business strategies that drive bureaucratic and private sector solutions. Learn more about how this boutique business consulting company fosters development by visiting


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