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Pianist Mikael Ayrapetyan Creates Evocative Album in Dedication to Noam Chomsky, Teaming with Journalist Ian Urbina

Mikael Ayrapetyan Cover for The Noam Chomsky Music Project

Mikael Ayrapetyan Cover for The Noam Chomsky Music Project

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2022 / -- Using an archive of samples of Noam Chomsky’s speeches over the decades, musician Mikael Ayrapetyan shares in a video more about how he created his most recent release.

The Noam Chomsky Music Project, run by the label Synesthesia Media, is a global and expansive effort to disseminate American linguist Noam Chomsky’s lectures and amplify his voice in an innovative way, delivering his words through one of the most universally powerful artforms: Music. The project was created by Ian Urbina, an investigative journalist who founded the music label, Synesthesia Media.

The music project’s goal is to preserve and celebrate Chomsky’s outlook on the world. Spanning genres from classical to hip-hop to electronic, dozens of musicians from around the world have joined the effort. Many of the artists who participate in the project draw from an audio archive of Chomsky’s lectures which Synesthesia Media spent over a year building.

Armenian pianist Mikael Ayrapetyan has become internationally recognized for performances of his country’s music globally. Mikael Ayrapetyan is a pianist, composer, producer and teacher, as well as a researcher and public figure. He has done much to popularize Armenian classical music all over the world with his Secrets of Armenia musical project, which began during his studies at the Moscow Conservatory.

To create his work, Ayrapetyan worked with an archive of samples pulled from decades of Chomsky’s lectures. Chomsky’s speeches have a musical effect that lent itself to his album, Ayrapetyan said.

“It was very convenient for me to work with his spoken words as they participated in the process of composing music and attracted musical material,” Ayrapetyan said.

“Noam Chomsky is the heritage of mankind,” Ayrapetyan said. “His ideas are very relevant to today.”

“Scientist” by Mikael Ayrapetyan for The Noam Chomsky Music Project is available in all stores, including Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify.

Synesthesia Media announces new waves of releases monthly on its social media.

About The Noam Chomsky Music Project:

The Noam Chomsky Music Project, run by the label Synesthesia Media, is an expansive international effort to bolster Noam Chomsky’s ideas with passion and aesthetics. This project is the first of this scale—both in size and reach—to combine music with Chomsky’s work.

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