Kenyan Philanthropist Dominic Obadiah Clinches Coveted World Civility Award from US Based International Organization

Receiving World Civility Ambassador Award. From left- Barbara Holmes, Dr Michael Freeland, Amb. Winnie Joy, Dr. Juma Kavod, Amb. Dominic Obadiah, Robinson West, Billy Graham and Dr Ruben West.

Amb. Dominic Obadiah giving a speech. From left is Dr. Micahel Freeland, Dr. Juma Kavoid, Amb. Dominic & ICN Special Envoy Dr. Ruben West

All the 35 ICN Honorees from Kisii, Kenya and the ICN Officials

Amb. Dominic Obadiah

Amb. Dominic Obadiah and his family during the awarding ceremony at Karmel Park Hotel - Kisii, Kenya

Amb. Dominic Obadiah of Kisii, Kenya Appointed World Civility Ambassador by iChange Nations™

Every life is valuable and is created to bring a contribution to the world.”
— Sir. Dr. Clyde Rivers
NAIROBI COUNTY, WESTLANDS SUB COUNTY, KENYA, March 4, 2022 / -- Amb. Dominic Obadiah was bestowed the award by iChange Nations™ Special Envoy Ambassador, Dr. Ruben West on February 22, 2022. The World Civility Award is one of the highest award given by ICN, which is a global community with a presence in over 150 countries.

The event which took place at Karmel Park Hotel, Kisii-Kenya also saw 34 other Kenyans whose outstanding initiatives to better human life feted. ICN noted that Amb Dominic had positively impacted the lives of many people in Kenya and beyond.

Born in Western part of Kenya, Amb. Dominic is a seasoned, trained and certified public speaker (Black belt Speakers) and life coach (Ideal life vision). He is an entrepreneur and a director of a travel company; Civility Travel and Tours (CTT) which does air ticketing, hotel reservations, ground transport as well as guiding their clients on tours.

Amb. Dominic is an easy going and go-getter individual who strikes rapport with many people, be it in his immediate community or in foreign lands. He is a graduate of Utalii College and holds a diploma in theology from Landmark Theological Seminary College TX.
He is passionate about making the lives of the less privileged in the community better and this gives him satisfaction. Amb. Dominic organizes humanitarian expeditions as well as vocational expeditions through his company. The company is also the gateway to experiencing East Africa's culture, wildlife, her flora and fauna.

His business connections come in handy when he receives visits from various parts of the world who wish to sample the beauty and hospitality of his home country. This has given him a rich experience of over a decade guiding, planning and doing travel and tours consultancy to clients visiting East Africa.

Amb. Dominic is also a passionate philanthropist, a calling that takes him deep in the villages of Kenya and beyond. Amb. Dominic is the founder president of VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS. THE VOICE is a humanitarian arm that champions for the needy in the society. Well aware that the region has one of the highest poverty rates, Dominic’s interventions helps provide basic needs to the needy in society. He also rescues those in critical need of medication and those who are under threat by neighbors as a result of domestic and land disputes. The VOICE for the VOICELESS creates awareness, advocates, helps empowers the needy in remote villages in East Africa.

He has a rapport with media personalities based in the region with whom they are able to highlight cases that need government intervention.
For the past eight years Amb. Dominic has been able to help over 2000 women and youth by training them on sustainable development projects. The projects include vegetable tower gardens, five chicken one family, and two goats per family.

The VOICE has also helped raise school fees to over 150 needy but bright pupils and students. Through his initiatives, over 11 houses have been built to benefit homeless families.

When Covid-19 pandemic broke out in the country, Dominic swung into action and assisted hundreds of Kisii and Nyamira county residents get face masks, alcohol based hand sanitizers and food. At that time Amb. Dominic helped 173 families and gave them food and hope.

Through Global Voice Dominic does public speaking engagement both locally and internationally. He has presented in East and West Africa. He has trained over 10,000 students and hundreds of clients. His life coaching program (Ideal Life Vision) trains on the power of sub conscious mind and how students can use it to create powerful career goals that will shoot them to their success.

Ideal Life Vision helps clients transform their visions into tangible goals that they achieve. Amb. Dominic uses his unique gift, his captivating voice to impact lives globally. He is among the key note speakers At Live Your BEST Life Nairobi conventions that happens annually at Village Market, in Nairobi Kenya.

He uses his knowledge that has been passed to him by his mentors Sir Clyde Rivers and Dr. Ruben West to train civility to all his clients. Civility teaches humanity on the golden rule, with a clarion call 'Treat others as you would expect to be treated'.

Amb. Dominic is the author of a Career goal setting book for high school students and contributing author to Live Your BEST Life magazine.

Currently he is working on his book "Inspire them". He believes that through books, his message will reach a larger audience and in the present and future generations.

Amb. Dominic has won many international awards including:
World civility Ambassador
Mental-Real-of-State Community Award
Challenged Champions & Heroes Award
Global Voice Award

Dominic is married to his beautiful wife Rose and they are blessed with two angels Anita and Antonio.

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