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Top 10 Health Tech Trends in 2021

Top Health Tech Trends in 2021

Technology will play a game changer role in terms of accelerating research, analyzing data to generate new insights and using better connectivity to create better access to care”
— Dr. Purav Gandhi
AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, IN, March 2, 2022 / -- COVID-19's imprint is still felt around the world, even though the years 2020 and 2021 have passed. Healthcare, of all the industries has been eternally transformed by the global pandemic's effects and has arguably changed the most. As we move forward, it's vital to keep an eye on the trends that will shape healthcare technology in 2022. Healthark Insights team has been closely monitoring the key events, announcements, investments, and patterns in the health tech space over the past year and has compiled the key trends that shaped the industry in 2021 and will continue to impact the direction of the sector during 2022, in the recent paper titled ‘Top 10 Health Tech Trends in 2021’.

We can find new technologies being used to battle illness, generate new vaccines and treatments, and help people live healthier lives anywhere we turn in the healthcare industry. The much-anticipated fifth generation of cellular wireless technology with its high speed and tremendous connection capability has the potential to revolutionise healthcare. It will enable medical breakthroughs through extended reality, artificial intelligence, remote medical learning, patient care, and monitoring, to name a few of its many major benefits. The potential of telehealth for improving access to healthcare was brought to spotlight during the pandemic, when in-office visits became nearly impossible. In March 2021, there were ten times as many telehealth visits as there were in March 2020.

Similar technology advancements, as well as the introduction of advanced technologies, will be seen in 2022, albeit most of it will be a result of the changes that occurred in 2021. “We are quite excited about the role that technology will play in bringing new treatments to both healthcare providers and patients. Technology will play a game changer role in terms of accelerating research, analysing data to generate new insights and using better connectivity to create better access to care and a seamless experience for physicians and patients” says Dr. Purav Gandhi, Founder and CEO of Healthark Insights. “We continue to closely monitor some of these key trends, anticipate their impact on our clients’ businesses, and implications for the healthcare industry at large”. The Healthark Insights team identified 500+ key events and announcements across the year, analysed 40+ sectoral trends, and based on that curated a list of top 10 trends that dominated the industry in 2021.

During the next five years, 80% of healthcare providers aim to expand their investment in technology and digital solutions. Organizers will continue to use artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, extended reality (XR), and the internet of things (IoT) to develop and provide novel treatments and services in areas including telemedicine, personalised medicine, genomics, and wearables. You can read more about these top 10 health tech trends from 2021, which will shape the future of health tech space in 2022 on Healthark Insights website.

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