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The Bayfront Law Team, with founders Santiago Costa and Matt Campbell sitting in front, and three female staff standing behind them

The Bayfront Law Team, with founders Santiago Costa (front left) and Matt Campbell (front right)

Santiago Costa & Matt Campbell

Bayfront Law Serves Clients Across Ontario With Online Solution

The path forward for law firms is changing. We’ve evolved our practice to be the gold standard for real estate law, seamlessly servicing clients across Ontario.”
— Matt Campbell, Bayfront Law Co-founder
HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 3, 2022 / -- Whenever a property is bought and sold, there’s usually a number of professionals involved, including the realtors, mortgage lender, home inspector, property appraiser, insurance agents, and, of course, lawyers.

Real Estate lawyers provide a number of essential services, but in the final stages of a closing, getting a lawyer is often a last-minute decision. Signing the documents and taking care of the transaction details can be a hassle for busy buyers and sellers. Anyone who has gone through this process will probably relate.

Matt Campbell and Santiago Costa thought long and hard about this when they were developing their new legal practice, Bayfront Law. They are proud Hamiltonians, and knew they wanted to locate their office, the “bricks and mortar” of the business, in central Hamilton, Ontario.

“We love our city, and we’re excited to be a part of the tremendous growth taking place here in Hamilton.” says Matt, Lawyer and Co-Founder of Bayfront. “We also knew it would serve as a great home base for the launch of Bayfront’s online service delivery model. The path forward for law firms is changing. We’ve evolved our practice to be the gold standard for real estate law, seamlessly servicing clients across Ontario.”

When the firm’s Founders developed their business model, they started from the viewpoint of the client. According to Santiago, “We looked at every touchpoint of the client experience and asked ourselves, how can this be better? How can it be more convenient? How can we be more accessible in delivering our services, and perfectly transparent in setting out our fees?”

This client-focused approach guided them to develop systems that not only make the relationship between lawyer and client more rewarding, but also allowed them access to clients across the province. “By building in safe and reliable online signing capabilities, investing in high-end electronic banking facilities, and constantly searching for new efficiencies in how we deliver our services, we spend less time running around and so do our clients.” says Costa.

“Launching our practice during a pandemic meant finding new ways to preserve that important face-to-face interaction with our clients without the need for in-person meetings. We think we’ve done this the right way. We can provide the highest quality legal services to under-served clients in rural and remote areas, as well as those who just want the convenience of staying home and meeting with their lawyers while they make dinner for the kids.” adds Campbell.

Both partners admit that for all the work done on the online side, they prefer working with people directly. “We’re both pretty friendly and outgoing, so we love getting together with clients at our office when that works for them. The Bayfront boardroom is a place where our clients and our network of real estate professionals come together.” says Santiago.

The partners have another “big idea” that is already in place for Bayfront Law. They are leveraging that robust network of real estate industry professionals to create Soon, service professionals and clients will use the platform to monitor their closings and share information effortlessly.

According to the LexLoki website it’s “a real estate transaction platform that's free, simple, and secure. LexLoki connects you to your lawyer, realtor, lender, and insurer, quickly and securely, anywhere in Ontario. Buy or Sell a property. Assemble your team in a click.” They are currently developing a LexLoki app to make connecting even easier.

In the meantime, the Bayfront Law team is building a strong referral network the good old fashioned way – getting together for coffees and lunches with area real estate professionals. There’s a standing invite for anyone who wants to be involved. They believe in the expression ‘all boats rise in a tide’. Bayfront is committed to being successful by helping others succeed. It’s a time-tested philosophy that comes naturally to these young and ambitious Hamiltonians.

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