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Tomorrow's Flight

M.E. Ellington

Steven Stiefel

TOMORROW’S FLIGHT by M.E. Ellington & Steven Stiefel

The authors deftly develop the diverse plane castaways and the badly conflicted and tainted mix of scientists/academics and air-crash investigators at the ancient (or not-so-ancient) accident site.”
— Kirkus
UNITED STATES, April 11, 2022 / -- The two authors live 6,000 miles apart. Despite the distance, they were able to successfully collaborate to complete their best-selling novel while also forming a production company to promote TOMORROW’S FLIGHT and other projects to the screen.

That’s the backstory for the time-travel thriller TOMORROW’S FLIGHT, written by M.E. Ellington, who lives in Northeast England, and Steven Stiefel, a Los Angeles resident.

TOMORROW’S FLIGHT has found success in both sales and from reviewers:

* It was a #1 bestseller on Amazon, where it continues to garner strong reviews from readers, reaching #1 in Germany, France, U.K., U.S., Australia, and Canada in the time-travel category.
* The manuscript placed in the top 10 in Book Pipeline’s manuscript-to-film/TV adaptation competition.
* Kirkus Reviews gave the novel a “recommended” rating, publishing it in both their print and on-line magazine.
* The novel is currently the #3-ranked Sci-fi book of 2022 on Coverfly’s THE RED LIST.

The two authors formed a company, MESS Publishing, for this work and other titles. In addition, they formed a production company—MESS Flicks—for their joint TV and film projects in anticipation of promoting their novel as a limited TV series. MESS is not only the authors’ initials but, perhaps, their collaborative style.

Along with writing a pilot episode of TOMORROW’S FLIGHT as a limited series for TV, they have written the award-winning science-fiction series THE HARVESTING, and they are currently working on a feature about Edgar Allan Poe’s death and exhumation.

TOMORROW’S FLIGHT is a female-centric novel told in two time periods:

THE PRESENT: Paleontologists excavating the bones of a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex unearth modern human skeletons and a piece from an aircraft’s tail, stripped of all identifying markings, buried in Cretaceous terrain. Scientists from both paleontology and the crash investigation realize that their rigid academic beliefs may be shattered by what else they will soon discover. Conflicting personal and professional agendas come into play as these scientists try to determine what happened more than 65 million years in the past.

THE PAST: Several people board an airplane in Portland, OR, headed to Atlanta. When the plane encounters unusual turbulence, the competent pilot must land the aircraft without instruments, running out of fuel, in an unfamiliar world. The crew and passengers slowly come to realize they have landed in the distant past. As the survivors explore their new world, expecting to be rescued, they must fight against Tyrannosaurus rexes and other threats from this previous era.

As timelines collide, one woman’s battle for survival becomes another woman’s fight for the truth.

Kirkus calls the book “a sharp and gripping SF/prehistoric time-travel thriller…The authors deftly develop the diverse plane castaways and the badly conflicted and semi-tainted mix of scientists/academics and air-crash investigators at the ancient (or not-so-ancient) accident site.”

Says Laura Sarjeant, writer and editor,, “You’re quickly pulled into the story, transported, as if you were there walking alongside the characters both past and present, feeling the emotions of all the characters including empathy for a dinosaur (yes, you read that right!).”

“The ending of the book is one of the best I’ve read, allowing characters and time to evolve in ways not expected and letting the characters’ strengths and deceptions to play out,” says Susan Weintrob, writer and editor,

The book is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold. A new audiobook version is available this month.

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MARTYN (M.E.) ELLINGTON is the author of three published novels, two self-published novels, four Amazon best-selling titles, and two international Amazon number one best-sellers. He was born and raised in Northeast England where he still lives. From a young age, he has been a fan of all things science fiction, and horror. From B-movie classics such as THE VALLEY OF GWANGI and the HAMMER HORROR movies of Christopher Lee, through to more contemporary shows such as THE X-FILES, as well as other classics like THE TWILIGHT ZONE, THE OUTER LIMITS, and STAR TREK — TNG BEING HIS FAVOURITE. His writing influences include James Herbert and Michael Crichton. TOMORROW’S FLIGHT is based on a short story written and self-published in 2011 by Martyn Ellington titled Yesterday’s Flight, which became an Amazon bestselling title. This original version was withdrawn from sale in 2015 so that it could be significantly rewritten, expanded, and developed as both a novel and a limited TV series.

STEVEN STIEFEL is the Amazon international #1 best-selling author of TOMORROW’S FLIGHT with M.E. Ellington. He’s also the co-author of MAKING RUMOURS (2012, Wiley), the memoir of producer Ken Caillat’s turbulent year of creating the iconic Fleetwood Mac album. Previously, Steven was a magazine writer for Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, and many other titles. His short fiction has been published by McSweeney’s, The Georgia Review, and many others. He also worked in story development for production companies in Los Angeles. Today, he works as a novelist, film and TV writer, and script analyst. In addition to adapting TOMORROW’S FLIGHT as a limited series with M.E. Ellington, he is also working on a feature about Poe’s death and exhumation. Steven has also written a feature film screenplay of The Aspern Papers by Henry James, which was the first-place platinum winner in the LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival mystery division (December, 2020). Steven earned advanced degrees from USC (Masters of Profession Writing in screenwriting) and University of Arizona (MFA in fiction writing). Currently, he lives in Los Angeles.

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