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Joyce Meyer Jones: Law of attraction

The religious self-help book

RATHDRUM, IDAHO, USA , February 25, 2022 / -- JM Jones is living her life in Idaho, where there is plenty of bike and hiking trails, as well as lakes for kayaking, rivers for rafting.

Envisioning a world of gentle, kind, and loving people who work together as one motivates her to keep looking for reasons to be thankful. She loves the vision if Earth turned into a global paradise, God’s purpose fulfilled. Join us as we all embrace Paradise on Earth. With Man, this is not possible. But with YHVH, All things are possible.

Embracing the Law of Attraction was written with the hope that the reader will be able to relate to the stories and scriptures. This book is designed to draw the reader in to examine themselves and to accept that they are loved. By monitoring one's thoughts and words, self-esteem and circumstances can be changed. Scripture and otherwise quotes are used to spark thought.

By using the workbook, affirmations, scriptures, and the journal, the diligent student will begin to experience small changes, or perhaps large changes. By documenting their growth over time, the student will begin to see how the Law of Attraction works and see their lives improve. The people who can help along the way, the opportunities that will be offered because of the change in thinking patterns, will impress them.

Change and Light will become a regular part of life. Life is supposed to be FUN! Have fun with your life! Start laughing at all the little gifts that are sent your way.

J.M. Jones enjoyed every moment that was used in connecting thoughts and ideas, finding relevant quotations, and Bible scripture. Her belief that each person creates their own life by the thoughts they think, has completely impacted the message of embracing the law of attraction.

Since her own life has changed and has been greatly impacted by being conscious of her thoughts, it was only natural for her, a teacher, to want to share it. Part of the change includes finding daily small things to bring joy.

The attitude of daily gratitude keeps the sun shining. J.M. Jones is surrounded by natural opportunities to embrace all that is beautiful in the lakes, mountains, and people, and embracing nature, honesty, and goodness, because Life is meant to be fun! She continuously markets her book under the publishing company Glasslink Solutions/Harperpartners.


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