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Disrupt-X launches an IoT based Cold Storage Monitoring Solution designed to Save Billions in Cold Storage Facilities

Cold Storage Monitoring by IoT

Cold Storage Monitoring Solution is part of Ignite Shield - Hosted on AWS, which is an Intel Market Ready Solution Available Worldwide using Sigfox & Lora WAN.

DUBAI, DXB, UAE, February 25, 2022 / -- Disrupt-X, a UAE-based IoT Development Company announced they’ve launched a Cold Storage Monitoring Solution under Ignite Shield, an Intel Market Ready Solution to detect temperature and humidity levels for cold storage facilities.

Climate change is affecting various sectors in the economy. The effects of temperature fluctuations have caused huge number of losses from perishable products stored in cold storage units. This can lead to textual degradation, discolouring, bruising and microbial growth on food products when the temperature levels are not detected immediately. Moreover, it is projected that 1.3 billion tonnes, one third of the world’s food, was lost and wasted every year during the process of transporting the goods from harvest to final consumption. Furthermore, according to the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science, the biopharma industry loses about $35 billion annually because of temperature-sensitive cold chain logistics errors.

Disrupt-X’s Cold Storage Monitoring Solution allows its users detect temperature and humidity fluctuations from the comfort of an office to the convenience of a smartphone. It uses a Sigfox / Lora WAN based devices to report accurate temperature and humidity levels regularly to the Cloud Platform and Mobile App. This solution also sends alerts to the user for any changes in the temperature within the cold storage facility. In addition, users can build custom reports and use AI based technology to indicate recommendations based on temperature & humidity readings observed.

Mr. Asim Sajwani President on Disrupt-X added “World is moving fast paced with Technology. The advancement of IoT is based on making it fit-in so you don’t really notice it, until its part of daily life which helps you improves your functionality and save cost. Cold Storage is part of daily routine check for clinics, Hospitals, restaurants, pharmacies, Cold storage units where they take hourly readings but during non-operational hours if Cold Storage fails there is no way to save Billions of Dollars of Goods. IoT Technology serves that purpose where cost of Using technology is just Couple of US Dollars per week and you can save a huge amount by timely failures in Cold Storage”.

Ignite Shield is an Intel Market Ready Solution (MRS) which also offers Indoor / Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring, Swimming Pool / Water Tanks / SPA Monitoring, Gas / Water Metering, Cold Storage Monitoring, Water Pressure Monitoring , Chiller Monitoring, Sewerage (Turbidity ) Monitoring all under one screen. These solutions can be used Worldwide using Sigfox, Lora WAN, 3G/4G Communication modules. Disrupt-X IoT Platform is hosted over Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customers can purchase equipment from Disrupt-X Marketplace directly and start using these easy Plug and Play solutions for effective Monitoring / Management of their assets. Disrupt-X offers APIs for 3rd Party Integration and White Labelling with Cloud or On-Premise hosting options.

Disrupt-X is a key partner with Intel and AWS and have range of other Solutions available. At launch of Ignite Shield Intel’s Enterprise and Public Sector Manager for Gulf region Mr. Adib Rajji said, "We strive to provide Disrupt-X with what they need so they can focus on their success with their customers and business. At Intel we enable an early solution development engagement so partners can take advantage of Intel's leading-edge technology and Edge to cloud offerings."

For more details, please visit: (Cold Storage IoT) (Market Place)

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