Women’s Health and AI, CureMetrix Joins Forces with AuntMinnie.com and AuntMinnieEurope.com for Virtual Conference

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AI, Women's Health, and More - Extending the Value of Radiology for Women's Health

No-cost event will showcase how leveraging AI for Breast Cancer and Heart Disease detection can extend the value of radiology and benefit healthcare systems

We have a call to action in support of Women’s Health – to accelerate early detection of breast cancer and heart disease. Putting AI in the hands of radiologists will help achieve better outcomes”
— Navid Alipour, Chief Executive Officer, CureMetrix
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- CureMetrix, Inc., a global healthcare technology company that delivers AI-driven software for radiology once again joins forces with AuntMinnie and AuntMinnieEurope, along with industry experts, for the AuntMinnie.com 2022 Virtual Conference - AI, Women’s Health, and More - to be held on March 30 and 31, 2022.

Women want to know that the latest technology is supporting their healthcare teams, and they want to select imaging centers and hospital systems that give them that confidence. With women making up to 80% of all healthcare decisions for themselves and their entire family, this year’s focus on AI and Women's Health is more important than ever in encouraging health screenings and in helping radiologists adopt tools that help them do their best work right now.

Like many innovations that have supported better clinical and financial outcomes over the years, artificial intelligence (AI) is making an impact on radiology practices: reducing reading time, increasing cancer detection, and reducing false positives in breast cancer detection. AI is also bringing clinicians and specialties together to extend the value of radiology to address the #1 killer of women, heart disease.

Featured at this year’s event, Kevin Harris, President and co-Founder of CureMetrix, will present new and national research on breast cancer detection and will show how leveraging AI to stratify the risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) by detecting and quantifying Breast Arterial Calcifications (BAC) can benefit imaging centers, healthcare systems, and millions of women.


Extending the Value of Radiology from Breast Health to Women’s Health

○ Date: Wednesday, March 30, 1:00 pm EDT

○ Discussion: Extending the Value of Radiology from Breast Health to Women’s Health – earlier detection of breast cancer and heart disease

○ Live Q&A: Session will include session with Kevin Harris, President and co-Founder of CureMetrix

“We have a call to action in support of Women’s Health – to accelerate early detection of breast cancer and heart disease. Putting AI in the hands of radiologists will help achieve better patient outcomes, and we are grateful to AuntMinnie.com for providing this valuable forum to our industry,” said Navid Alipour, CEO of CureMetrix, Platinum Sponsor of this year's event.

Being at the forefront of AI-based innovation for women’s health, CureMetrix is again the Platinum Sponsor for this event, supporting no-cost access to webinars, keynote speakers, and other exclusive information available only for virtual conference attendees.

AuntMinnie Spring 2022 Virtual Conference - AI, Women's Health, and More!

March 30-31, 2022 - full program
10:00 am – 4:00 pm EDT

AuntMinnie.com conference registrants will be able to access live webinars, on-demand videos, and chat live with company representatives and researchers. In the virtual exhibit hall, attendees can learn more about medical imaging products and AI technology developments sponsored by the top global companies in the radiology field.

Registration for AuntMinnie’s Spring 2022 Virtual Conference is free, but space is limited. Register Online.

The CureMetrix AI suite of radiology solutions focused on women’s health include:
● cmTriage® - the first FDA-cleared AI-based triage solution for mammography in the U.S.;
● cmAssist® - an AI-based CAD intended to identify, mark and score regions of interest on screening mammograms;
● cmDensity™ - intended to automate the classification of breast density based on BIRADS 5th edition; and,
● cmAngio™ - an AI-based triage software intended to help doctors assess a woman’s risk of coronary heart disease from a mammogram.

CureMetrix is a global leader in Artificial Intelligence for medical imaging, committed to advancing technology that improves disease detection and cancer survival rates across the globe. Its mission is to help save lives with early and more accurate disease detection and support improved clinical and financial outcomes, delivering technology that radiologists, healthcare systems, and patients can rely on with confidence, visit www.CureMetrix.com

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