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Expo Live 2020 Dubai: AgUnity participates in one of the largest world exhibitions

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Expo Live Dubai 2020

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What we are trying to do is level the playing field by giving farmers a tool that can help them establish and maintain trust and ultimately cooperate better”
— David Davies, Co-Founder & CEO of AgUnity
DUBAI, February 23, 2022 / -- Under the slogan "We all have the power to build a better world and shape the future", one of the largest exhibitions in the world is taking place: Expo 2020 Dubai. A unique event that AgUnity is honoured to join.

Expo Live 2020 first launched its Innovation Impact Grant Program (IIGP) in 2016 to support organizations that aim to solve some of the world's most challenging problems. Currently, this initiative allocates 100 million dollars and provides grants and a platform where knowledge exchange, technical support, and partnerships between organizations are encouraged.

Hundreds of millions worldwide live in extreme poverty, struggling every day to access health systems, clean water, and education. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, world poverty rates are increasing and could affect up to 500 million more people and their ability to fulfil these basic needs. The companies featured in the Global Innovators category at the Expo 2020 seek to change the lives of as many people as possible by enabling them to get out of poverty.

AgUnity is a global platform establishing blockchain-enabled last-mile connections among millions of rural farmers and organizations worldwide. With the primary goal of driving innovation within global food supply chains, AgUnity takes smartphones and turns them into tools that smallholder farmers can use to get out and stay out of the poverty cycle.

"If I am a farmer and you are a worker, and you come to help me with my harvest, and I plan to pay you when I get paid, we both need to have a record of that agreement, and the AgUnity smartphone blockchain solution allows that to happen. What we are trying to do is level the playing field by giving farmers a tool that can help them establish and maintain trust and ultimately cooperate better," explains AgUnity CEO David Davies.

Agunity blockchain-based smartphone solution has demonstrated it can provide last-mile farmers with the transparent and reliable record-keeping technology they need to maintain and improve their livelihoods. AgUnity's focus and mission are to empower the last mile by combining creative technology with on-the-ground expertise, addressing the main challenges faced by these remote farming communities.

Fortunately, funding provided by Expo Live means that AgUnity and other Global Innovating organizations are closer to successfully connecting the last mile. These forward thinking organizations believe the most vulnerable communities must also be included in the conversation about economic growth. It is the shared responsibility to try and reduce the social and economic fallout of the global pandemic.

As a way of celebrating the Expo’s final days, you will get unlimited entries to experience the world in one place and the best of art, music, architecture, sports and wellness, science, culture and more. We invite anyone interested in attending this incredible event to register here. If you want to participate in the future of agricultural technology, visit our website at

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