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Stenonymous Continues Bid to Grow Stenography's Media

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Christopher Day, creator of Stenonymous

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The need for data, business, and community has never been greater in the stenographic world.

Everyone needs to be heard, and stenographers are uniquely positioned to be the ones taking it all down.”
— Christopher Day, RPR
STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2022 / -- Leading up to and during Court Reporting & Captioning Week 2022, the court reporting and stenotype service industry's largest blog launched plenty of information on new deals available to its audience.

The "Got Sued? Get Steno" mug was first made available in January 2022. Since its arrival on Steno Swag, court reporters have commented positively about it, says Stenonymous blog owner and author Christopher Day. "Court reporters love the simplicity of the design. It carries our professional ethos of being no-nonsense people and still communicates that we are the choice that consumers make when they want to see the legal record reported accurately." The mug is expected to remain available throughout 2022, according to Day.

In addition to that offering, Stenonymous also announced that it was now a StenoKeyboards affiliate. StenoKeyboards' commercial production of the Uni will lower barriers to entry and make stenography and court reporting more palatable to a larger audience. "Not many people have thousands of dollars to spend on a niche keyboard like the stenotype. Last I checked, the Uni brings that cost down to $100, well within the price range of anyone looking to pick up a new skill." asserting the importance of the Open Steno Project's impact on the stenographic profession, Day continued, "we are reaching a point where we can just tell people 'pick up a keyboard and head on over to the Open Steno community; they will help you.' It's really a beautiful thing."

Stenonymous's blog owner also reportedly pledged a thousand dollars of his own money to Shaunise Day's 2022 Fearless Stenographers Conference. Shaunise Day's work on the podcast Confessions of a Stenographer and Steno in the City has brought content to a profession in need, says Christopher Day. "Shaunise has a mind for content creation. She has given us hours of information to listen to. It's one of those things that we didn't know we needed until someone went out and did it."

In its latest move, Stenonymous proved to be an asset to entrepreneurs of the industry by securing a deal whereby those interested in the Kentley Insights Court Reporting & Stenotype Services 2022 market research report could get $100 off until the end of February. "Vendors are taking note that my audience is growing. My audience is taking note that I intend to use any money and influence I have to keep our profession empowered. As I see it, we are a $3 billion industry with lots of growth potential." Doubling down, Day said "Everyone needs to be heard, and stenographers are uniquely positioned to be the ones taking it all down."

Asked if there were any more surprises up his sleeve, Day mentioned that his Stenonymous Project Phoenix was still in the works. "We've had some setbacks. We may not be able to advertise Project Phoenix in the way I originally envisioned. But survey results are clear, court reporters across the country want and need education that makes them better businesspeople. My research shows over 70% of court reporters could benefit from better antitrust education. One way or another, I will get it to them."

Stenonymous's dedication to the growing stenographic court reporting community remains paramount and revenue is expected to increase substantially during the second quarter of 2022.

Christopher Day
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