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Lem's Launches Lem's Natural Fertility Awareness Box

Lem has launched Natural Fertility Awareness Box with the goal to support reproductive health in men and women and provide help with natural conceiving.

We provide and organize special offers on Instagram, Facebook, and on our website”
— Dr. Winifred Ade-Taku
UNITED STATES, February 22, 2022 / -- Lem has recently launched Lem’s Natural Fertility Awareness Box which is also called MyLemBox. Designed by Dr. Winifred Ade-Taku an expert on women's health, MyLemBox provides a collection of proven products that can help men and women conceive naturally.

Based on her years of experience working in various clinical and managerial capacities counseling women wanting to get pregnant, Dr. Winnie has created MyLemBox in 2019 to help men and women trying to get pregnant.

Each MyLemBox comes with :
- Lem’s tea supports the reproductive health of men and women. The tea blends consist of quality herbs that have been thought to benefit both male and female reproductive health. It also comes with 20 pregnancy test strips and 50 ovulation test strips.
- Lem’s Ovulation test strips have been found to be 99% accurate, ultra-sensitive, and easy to use. Because a woman is most fertile during ovulation - these test strips help determine one’s fertile window.
- Lem’s Pregnancy Test strips have 99% accuracy and are ultra-sensitive, and simple to use. They help detect pregnancy after two weeks of conception.

Talking to the media, a verified buyer of Lem’s products said “I am pregnant. I am about a month along now. Lem’s products really helped take the stress out of calculating and being unsure of my ovulation days. We have been trying for almost a year now. I thank God for Lem. We did it”.

According to Dr. Winnie, “Infertility is not a journey that one can walk alone. Support and community groups are available for assisting individuals or couples in their journey. We also have a Lem support group on Facebook where others share their journey. We provide and organize special offers on Instagram, Facebook, and on our website”.

More details on MyLembox can be found at :
Facebook @mylembox
Instagram @mylembox
Twitter @fertility_hub

Winifred Ade-Taku
Lem Fertility
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