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"THE AMAZING DIET" Is pleased to announce that WIN TV has picked up the television rights to the AMAZING DIET T.V. Show



"THE AMAZING DIET" Daily Television Show picked up by WIN TV Network. First series is 135 half hour episodes. Two Host's now Being Sought. Apply Now.

REDDICK, FLORIDA, USA, February 21, 2022 / -- AMAZING FOODS INC., the creator of "THE AMAZING DIET" has just sold the international format rights to WIN TV NETWORK a global entertainment conglomerate. The network is now looking for two hosts, one woman and one man, to host the daily cooking and exercise show. More information about this opportunity can be found on the website

All interested parties are encouraged to apply. Previous television experience is not a requirement but will obviously help. The show is a mix of diet and exercise and hosts should be experienced in either exercise, personal training or cooking great meals quickly with great presentation. Hosts must have great personalities, the gift of the gab, and be able to improvise with charming talk.

The first series of 135 half hour television shows will be filmed in various locations. The producers of the show have been responsible for approximately 3,500 network television shows that have been shown around the world.

A thorough knowledge of "THE AMAZING DIET" and how it works is an absolute must. A visit to the website should provide a very good overview of "THE AMAZING DIET"

"THE AMAZING DIET" is a new state of the art diet that has helped hundreds of thousands of happy clients lose a lot of weight in a fun way that involves diet and exercise with a difference. This new television show is based on a very successful television show of diet and exercise created for the CTV Television Network and which generated a huge response.

Over 50 million people each year start a diet of some sort in the United States. It is a $15.5 BILLION dollar business. However, in just a few weeks or a month 99% of these people who start a diet will quit. This is due to one basic problem that all current diets have no answer to.

Dieting is hard. There are two basic elements to dieting.

One is the food that is required to provide the physical body the energy to function properly. Most diets being marketed today can provide this.

The second element is the mental cravings that set in after a few weeks of dieting. Due to the highly processed foods that people have eaten for years that have contained huge amounts of sugar, now stored as fat in the body we are all addicted is some way and on different levels to the sweet taste of sugar. It could be in the form of beverages, chocolate, candies, breads and even meats.

Sugar is highly addictive and is largely responsible for the pandemics of Diabetes and Obesity. Especially with young children. So if a person is on a popular diet like the KETO diet, which is basically a zero sugar diet, those mental cravings for something sweet start to play with the mind. The temptation is all around from fast foods, treats, and in almost every processed food.

This is why 99% of the diets fail.

"THE AMAZING DIET" is pleased to announce that it has the answer to this problem by using a unique, patented sugar replacement product which allows the diet to create sweet tasting recipes without any sugar.

This is the only such product that is approved by all three major health authorities and that has also had the benefit of five human clinical trials to attest to its safety and efficacy.

"THE AMAZING DIET" book is now available for pre-order. This is a signed and numbered copy. Please visit to place your order.

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