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Making the Choice to Hire an In-Home Health Care Worker

Whether it is administering medicine, physio, change out IVs, or more, in-home nurses can do anything that a nurse within a long-term care facility can do.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 16, 2022 / -- To put it simply, home health care workers provide in-home medical care to help people stay in their own homes longer. In some cases, where people would otherwise need palliative care, in-home health workers can ensure that they are able to stay in the comfort of their own homes longer, while still getting the vital medical support and care that they need.

In-home health care can provide the best of both worlds to those who are still mostly able to stay independent, but also require assisted medical care. Of course, there are some who would prefer to move out and get all of the benefits of palliative care – sell their home to cash in on the equity, move to a nicer apartment style care facility, and enjoy the benefits of that lifestyle. But at the same time, moving out and accepting that lifestyle can be tough, most people don’t want to have to leave their home so they can enjoy the added freedoms that they have for as long as they can.

If you have a loved one who is in need of assisted medical care, but wants to stay at home, you should consider hiring an in-home health care worker to help provide the necessary medical care. In-home health care workers can take care of most of the things that the nurses would do within palliative care, but they come to the house and perform all of the necessary work there.

One of the biggest barriers for most people in getting an in-home nurse is the perceived cost. They think that it may be too expensive to hire someone to come to the house daily and help with everything that their loved one needs. Truth be told though, hiring an in-home nurse is often more affordable than an assisted living facility or palliative care. Of course, this all depends on the long-term care facility, as they range in price, but if you are even considering moving your loved one to a care facility, you can most likely afford the in-home care as well.

There are in-home nursing care companies that employ many nurses and are able to provide very affordable rates for their clients. These in-home nursing agencies are able to review medical history, assess their clients needs, and then match them with a nurse that will be able to take proper care of the patient. Because of the larger scale nature of these businesses, it is much more affordable than privately hiring a nurse to come and provide in home care.

These nurses are then able to come to your loved one’s house and take all of the proper care that they need. Whether it is administering medicine, physio, change out IVs, and much more. They can in fact do anything that a nurse within a long-term care facility can do. On top of that, in-home nurses are often able to provide better care for your loved one than they could get in a nursing home, as when the nurse is there with them, they have the sole attention of that nurse. If they were in a nursing home, there is always the chance that the nurse will be paged away to attend to another patient – this is not the case with at home health care.
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