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What Home Health Nurses Do to Help Out Around the House

In-home nurses perform basically all of the same tasks as regular nurses do, but from the comfort of their patients’ homes

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 16, 2022 / -- When it comes to nursing in a hospital, people have a pretty good idea of what to expect from nurses – checking in on patients, administering medications, checking vitals, updating charts, etc. Nurses are the ones who are the most hands on with patients, and do most of the patient care, only requiring doctors to diagnose illness and set a treatment plan, nurses are then the ones who are hands on with the patient ensuring that they are following the treatment plan. The same goes for in-home nurses. They perform basically all of the same tasks as regular nurses do, but from the comfort of their patients’ homes.

In-home nursing care has become a much more popular option for nurses over the past couple years of COVID-19. While at first in-home nursing was considered an additional risk to these nurses, it is now being seen as a better option in some cases compared to working in the hospitals. For in-home nursing, nurses are just having to deal with a single patient at a time, which allows them to provide a better quality of care to their patients as they aren’t needing to juggle multiple charts at one time. On top of that, the burnout is also less due to the reduced stress of only helping one patient at a time.

Home health nurses still carry all of the same qualifications as hospital nurses – they have full nursing degrees and pass the same courses; the only difference is the settings in where they work. For some, working in a hospital provides an additional sense of security, they know that if there is any issue that arises with a patient that they will be able to have additional help, but that also works both ways – if someone else needs help, they must be able to drop what they’re doing and provide help. Then pick back up where they left off with their own patient.

In most cases, patients that require in-home nursing aren’t going to require as much help as someone in either palliative care or who needs a hospital or ICU bed – they’ll be mostly capable on their own. In home nurses most often just provide medication, take and record vitals, and perform more routine tasks like that. This is also what helps in avoiding burnout – the work they do is still extremely helpful for the patients, but they avoid a lot of the patients who require 24/7 care.

Home health nurses are a vital part of the medical system here in Ontario. If we didn’t have in-home nursing, it would mean that a lot more beds and resources would be being used at the hospitals, which are already over run. In-home nurses are able to do almost all of what hospital nurses do, they just take care of patients at their homes. Of course, if their patients’ condition worsens, they need to make note of it and ensure that the patient is then brought to an adequate facility – a hospital or nursing home – to get the higher level of care that they require.
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