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How In-Home Nursing Services Can Impact Recovery Time

The road to recovery after anytime in the ICU can be a lengthy one. This is why in-home nursing care can be beneficial for those who are recovering.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 16, 2022 / -- The road to recovery after surgery, or anytime needed in the ICU, can be a lengthy one. It takes time and patience to navigate recovery properly, and without the proper help people may end up not getting a full recovery, or re-injuring themselves. This is why having in-home nursing care can be very beneficial for those who are recovering from their time in the hospital.

Depending on what the patient is recovering from, making it to the hospital for post-hospitalization checkups can be difficult, especially if the patient is debilitated or their mobility is severely limited. This is where in-home nurses come into play. They can perform full patient checkups from the comfort of the patients’ home. This gives them the comfort and peace of mind knowing that they are able to get proper medical care without having to risk the trip into the hospital.

There are of course other reasons why patients may not be able to make it to the hospital – lack of transportation, for instance. Whatever the reason is for the patient to not be able to come in, they still need to get the proper care to ensure that they have a successful recovery. An in-home nurse can bring the care to them and supervise their recovery and ensure that they are doing everything properly to recover in the best possible way.

Post-surgery, for example, the patient will often have a list of exercises to perform to make sure that they still have full mobility. The problem with these exercises is that although they are necessary, they can be hard and in fact sometimes even painful. This leads to a lot of patients not performing them properly, which can be detrimental to the recovery process. An in-home nurse can help guide patients through these exercises, ensure they are done properly, and provide a better recovery experience that the patient would have had without them.

While there are some cases that patients need to get to the hospital to receive their treatment, there are many occasions that an in-home nurse can provide the adequate care. If the patient doesn’t have the support from family or friends to safely make it to the hospital, having the nurse travel to them to help with their post-hospitalization recovery can be the best option. In-home nurses have all of the qualifications of the nurses in the hospital, they just provide their care from the comfort of the patients’ home.
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