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THE N.M.E. by RYAN KOVACS, Gripping Novel-In-Verse Releases 31 March (PHiR Publishing)

THE N.M.E. Cover




"The Mind of a True Killer...BEST READ I HAVE HAD IN YEARS...Perfect Mix of Suspense, Romance, and Betrayal." -- Ashley Fana

Violent, surreal, and dripped in suspense and intrigue, reading Ryan A. Kovacs' poetic thriller feels like watching a movie directed by Nicholas Winding Refn…”
— Pikasho Deka, READERS' CHOICE
SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA, March 3, 2022 / -- From PHiR Publishing

In the unique novel-in-verse writing style, RYAN A. KOVACS brings us a brutal tale of patricide and revenge in this twisted psychological thriller. Kovacs is an up-and-coming author pushing the boundaries of traditional novelism. THE N.M.E. is his second such novel, and reviewers are taking notice...

SYNOPSIS: Set in the 1960's, THE N.M.E. is an eye-opening tale of love, hate, and revenge that submerges the reader into the mind of a true killer. Hell-bent on committing patricide, Michael has to escape from prison in order to fulfill this one malevolent desire. Much like a game of chess, he must think several moves ahead and choose his actions carefully in order to succeed. Accompanied by a fellow inmate, Bruno, there is nothing and no one that will stop him from killing his father.

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Hardcover available 31 March 2022

"Audiences who study the epic poem structure typically receive little modern renditions in this style. The N.M.E. is such a creation and resides in a class of its own...a thought-provoking psychological and social examination of pain and redemption on different levels."
-- Diane Donovan, Editor, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"Twisted and thought provoking... Kovacs strikes a perfect balance of riveting action and emotional depth, leaving readers questioning the morality of each character. A compelling must-read!"
-- Aliza Mangefrida, MLIS

" reading the thoughts and secrets of another person...entering the mind of a man on the verge of madness."
-- Anelynde Smit, Readers’ Favorite

RYAN KOVACS is a Rochester, NY native who loves to travel, meet new people and have profound conversations. His writing stems from his experiences and the many different personalities he's met throughout the years. Poetry is what moves him, and his true talent lies in storytelling. His first published book is titled I Considered You, which he followed up with The N.M.E., both novels in verse. Ryan served in the United States Army and continues to serve in the Air National Guard. He is a family man who surrounds himself with like-minded people, and has never been one to shy away from uncomfortable topics. Give him a beer and he'll provide the storytelling.

Ryan A. Kovacs
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