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Low cost green Hydrogen production

Christopher L. Headrick, Founder and Chairman, H2 Energy Group, Inc.

H2 Energy Group is seeking to transform the global energy market with a clean, low-cost Hydrogen solution

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
— Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior
AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2022 / -- The future of Green Hydrogen is here with the introduction of H2 Energy Group’s transformational, economic and environmentally and economically sustainable and renewable green Hydrogen technology solution.

H2 Energy Group, Inc. (, based in Austin, Texas, is one of the world’s most affordable, sustainable, and renewable Hydrogen producers. The company’s unique technology has a competitive production cost with the predominately used steam methane reformed (SMR) Hydrogen but is not made from natural gas, and most importantly, doesn’t need 10 kg of water or create 9 kg of CO2 for every kg of Hydrogen produced.

“Hydrogen is the most attractive solution currently available to replace fossil fuels for heavy transport and industrial applications,” said Christopher Headrick, Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, of H2 Energy Group. “Unfortunately, about 95% of hydrogen production today is derived from fossil fuels. We believe that H2 Energy offers the only environmentally-friendly, economically sustainable and renewable source of Hydrogen…and at a low cost. We want to bring our affordable Hydrogen solution to every market in the world.”

Over the past year, Headrick said the Renewable Hydrogen market has become one of the hottest topics in the energy industry. According to industry analysts, global hydrogen projects are expected to reach $11 trillion by 2050, with green Hydrogen sales projected near $2.5 trillion annually, according to a recent report from the Bank of America.

“A multi-trillion world market in Renewable Hydrogen production in less than 30 years is one of the most significant market shifts in human history,” Headrick added. “H2 Energy's mission is to assist in one of the largest energy transitions in the history of mankind.”

Key benefits of H2 Energy’s Hydrogen technology include:

As low as $2.75 per kg FOB
50-70% less than competitive renewable hydrogen offerings
Competitive with Gray (Steam Methane Reformed) hydrogen cost
Carbon neutral
Small footprint

Convenient Groundbreaking Technology
Scalable and modular design
Proprietary High Yield Fast Pyrolysis process (no combustion)
100% Sustainable
Feedstock – woody biomass
Can produce Hydrogen anywhere where needed

H2 Energy Group’s proprietary technologies use woody biomass in a High Yield Fast Pyrolysis process that produces Hydrogen-rich syngas. (40% H2, 40% CO, 10% Methane and 10% CO2). They further process the syngas via Water Gas Shift technology to approximately 82% Hydrogen that is finally purified through a Pressure Swing Adsorption system that takes it to 99.999% purity.

“The current industry standard for the production of hydrogen is Electrolysis, which is grossly inefficient in its use of electricity and water,” Headrick said. “H2 Energy estimates that we can sell our Hydrogen for about half of the current cost of their hydrogen and still generate strong returns.”

The company plans to initially provide green Hydrogen to the transportation markets including heavy transport, trucking, trains, ships, and eventually air travel.

H2 Energy Group has launched an equity Reg CF (Regulated CrowdFunding) capital raise Castle Placement – H2 Energy Group Landing Page, to spread the word about its affordable, Sustainable, and Renewable Hydrogen among potential investors.

Headrick said proceeds from the Reg CF capital raise will be used to initiate planning and permitting for the company’s first production facility, located south of Redding, California.


H2 Energy Group, Inc., based in Austin, Texas, utilizes cutting-edge technology to economically produce Sustainable and Renewable Hydrogen and Electricity from biomass in remote locations without reliance on the power grid. For more information, visit

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