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NSCAS Growth Roster Update Files for Spring 2022 Testing

NDE will be pulling NSCAS Growth Roster Update Files from ADVISER every Tuesday and Thursday beginning February 17, 2022, through May 3, 2022. Files will typically get pulled in the morning, go through verifications, and sent to NWEA by close of business each Tuesday and Thursday.

Key data to review to ensure the correct students are included in each roster file:

  1. All students in grades 3 – 8 with an FTE of 51% or more are expected to participate
    1. Include students attending external programs (Rule 18, ESU schools/programs and contracted service agencies) that your district is responsible for
    2. Students with a submitted/pending/exempt status on your district’s Exempt Schools District Report should not be included in this roster file
  2. Are the Race/Reporting Race fields populated?
  3. Are the EL and 504 statuses correct?
  4. Does the DOB coincide with the grade level?
  5. Check the enrollment record
    1. Is the Reporting School and enrolled School correct?
    2. Is the Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) correct?
  6. Check the SPED record
    1. Is there a Verified Disability listed?
    2. Is the Alternate Assessment checked NO?
      1. Students with an Alternate Assessment checked YES are expected to participate in the NSCAS Alternate Assessment and should not be included in this roster file
    3. Is the Exit Date blank?

The ADVISER Verification Report, NSCAS Growth Roster, is available for districts to utilize and verify roster data.