World's Best Connectors CEO is Now Also Executive Vice President of

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Denise Meridith, CEO of World's Best Connectors, has accepted an appointment as's Executive Vice President for Leadership & Community Development

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Phoenix resident Denise Meridith, CEO of World's Best Connectors, is now also Executive Vice President (Leadership and Community Development) of

I recognized that a partnership of World’s Best Connectors with a powerful, like-minded business and education innovator like could facilitate access and equity for ALL Americans.”
— Denise Meridith
PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2022 / -- Denise Meridith has been nationally recognized for decades for her glass-ceiling-breaking accomplishments in government, e.g., being the Deputy Director of The Bureau of Land Management overseeing 260 million acres of public lands & minerals and a $1+ billion budget, or business as the CEO of Denise Meridith Consultants, which has been involved in most of the major Arizona development projects from stadiums to airports the past two decades. The past few years she has led The World’s Best Connectors, a national virtual community and think tank of and for CEOs. It has recently been announced that Meridith will also serve as the Executive Vice President for Leadership and Community Development for, the new premier career and learning organization for talented Black entrepreneurs, athletes, creators, students, and other professionals.

Many people, who have seen a Black US President elected or witnessed the MeToo and George Floyd movements, may believe that America had become a color- or gender-blind society. The data on anything from wage/wealth gaps to employment in the fastest growing industries, like technology or commercial development show that the US still has a long way to go.

“More now than ever, private businesses have the greatest ability and potential to create the social and economic changes needed to assert America’s continuing role as the world’s leader in democracy. I saw a partnership of World’s Best Connectors with a powerful, like-minded business and education innovator like could facilitate access and equity for all Americans.”

In her new role, Meridith is encouraging current and aspiring business leaders to start now to visit the website It features three areas of interest: the Black Talent Community, BlackOwned Institute (for students), and SKRRT (show business-related technology). Interested leaders can sign up for “virtual coffees” to get an introduction to see if and how the organization can benefit them.

Interested corporate, sports, academic, and entertainment leaders can contact Meridith at to discuss specific transformation needs, and possible solutions available through the's Best Connectors partnership. All community members are encouraged to join the ecosystem at

Meridith feels that’s mission aligns with that of World’s Best Connectors. “What excited me most about the vision of CEO Quentin Anderson and President Donna Dean,” says Meridith, “Is that it engages everyone from students to current high-level business leaders to Fortune 500 corporations in the pursuit of expanding talent pools and markets that will boost the US economy. The success of will help talented individuals and progressive private companies earn the recognition and success they deserve.”

Denise Meridith
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