USA Ambassador Girl Scout Aaliyah Smith is to Receive International Awards for her Project in Kenya

Ambassador Girl Scout Aaliyah Smith from Topeka, Kansas - USA

CPP Project Facilitator Dorcus Kavod delivering two chickens to a grateful;project participant.

The CPP chicken coop blueprint being constructed in the Nunguni Village within Makueni County ,Kenya.

CPP Project Site Coordinator Dr. Juma Nashon (in red) along with some of the many workers employed by the project.

Kavod Foundation is set to Honor Aaliyah Smith for her Community Poultry Project in Makueni County, Kenya

No matter how big the task might be, never under estimate the power of a committed few.”
— Aaliyah Smith
NAIROBI COUNTY, WESTLANDS SUB COUNTY, KENYA, February 3, 2022 / -- The leaders of the Kenya based Kavod Foundation are set to honor Aaliyah Smith of Topeka, Kansas, for her true passion for helping and serving others. Aaliyah is currently a junior at Topeka West High School in Topeka, Kansas.

Miss Aaliyah Smith founded the Community Poultry Project in Kenya in 2020. The Community Poultry Project (CPP) was initiated to change lives by meeting the daily needs and restoring the dignity of families that once lived in abject poverty and those destabilized by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CPP project aims at empowering the community’s women by providing wealth-creating opportunities and access to a quality standard of life, including good nutrition and more. This project primarily targets women and single mothers in the community of the Nunguni Village within Makueni County.

Women experiencing food insecurities for themselves and their children become vulnerable to prostitution, domestic violence and crime. Therefore, the project builds capacity for its members to do business and enhance their revenue stream with a long-term goal of creating sustainable programs that can be replicated in other areas.

Miss Aaliyah said that she started this project in Makueni County, Kenya because “everyone deserves an opportunity. It is up to us to find a way to help other people in need.”

She is a Girl Scout Ambassador and has benefited from the training and experience the Girl Scout organization has provided her. The Community Poultry Project is for Aaliyah’s Girl Scout Gold Award.

"Although it has not been easy it is very fulfilling seeing the impact that the project has on the community. This project is giving me a chance to improve my leadership and communication skills which is used in other areas of my life. I'm learning to listen to the needs of others." - Aaliyah Smith (Founder Community Poultry Project)

Aaliyah assembled an all-volunteer international leadership team to oversee the project’s progress. This team includes:
Dr. Dorcas Kavod (Kenya) is the Project Facilitator.
Agape Deborah (Kenya College Student) Project Community Liaison
Dr. Juma Nashon (Kenya) Project Site Coordinator
Dr. Ruben West (USA) Project Advisor

Aaliyah facilitates collaborative meetings with her team to discuss updates, project needs, project progress and accountability of funds, and material resources. In August 2020, the team hosted an international zoom meeting that allowed everyone to witness the groundbreaking ceremony. The ceremony allowed the donors and beneficiaries to meet and interact. The vision is to create a poultry facility that will hold 500 chickens, which is currently under construction.

The project is teaching the community’s women how to raise the indigenous chickens. Many have already received two chickens and have put their training to use. Furthermore, the chickens and eggs are used as a food source and a commodity for doing business. This has made a tremendous impact on the women and children in the community. This sustainable project will also include solar energy which will introduce a new concept to the village.

The project is being funded by donors and well-wishers. Aaliyah believes that amazing things can happen with the power of a committed few. In the Girl Scout organization GIRL stands for: G.I.R.L. Go-Getter - Innovator - Risk-taker and- Leader.
Aaliyah’s Community Poultry Project exemplifies all of these attributes.

The Kavod Foundation’s leadership decided to honor Aaliyah Smith after seeing her passion for impacting and changing the lives of the vulnerable. They realized that Aaliyah has not only conducted her projects but has also inspired others to do the same.

The Kavod Foundation is a Kenyan-based nonprofit organization focused on providing services to people in need. The organization is dedicated to improving the livelihoods of the less privileged in the communities in Africa.

This is achieved through the Showers of Mercy Initiative. The initiative seeks to provide food, clothing, improve the deplorable house structures of widows, and provide them with other forms of personal assistance.

The organization also trains and empowers women with life skills and entrepreneurial skills to engage in income-generating activities. The foundation's efforts extend beyond the borders of Kenya to mentor and foster young boys and girls from vulnerable families.

While visiting Kenya, Aaliyah will receive the Kavod Foundation award during the July 2022 ceremony. During her visit she will visit her project and have the opportunity to meet with beneficiaries. The CPP has partnered with several donors from the US and they are ready to partner with other organizations and individuals to transform lives.

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