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MEPs demand the designation of the Houthis as a terrorist group, and call them to stop using civilians as human shields

European parliamentarians demand the speedy designation of the Houthis as a terrorist group, and ask them to stop the use of civilians as human shields.

we will fight to put them on the terrorist list.They are using civilians as human shields which is revolting and unacceptable.”
— Mep Fulvio Martusciello
EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, February 2, 2022 / -- A webinar was organised on Tuesday 1st at the EU parliament from 10 till 11 a.m entitled "Civilians treated as human shields. What future for Yemen after the Houthi's military escalation within the region" by Mep Martusciello and EPP group with the participation of the vice chairman of the European Parliament Mrs Pina Picierno in addition as Meps Luisa Regimenti, Andrea Caroppo, lucia Vuolo ,Gianna Gancia and Richard Charnesky . The webinar was moderated by Valerio Balzamo, EU advisor who made a small reminder about the Houthi group's history and their link to Hezbollah in terms of coaching and strategy which necessitates to place them on the terrorist organizations list. The Vice president of the EU Parliament Mrs Pina Picierno stressed the fact that the EU should support civil society organisations and therefore the Yemeni people in their fight against terrorism mentioning the Houthi's persecution of young woman and girls and their targeting of children through the indoctrination process. She also evoked the terrorist attack of Abu Dhabi Airport and therefore the terrorist attacks that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed daily from the Houthis . She added that the EU supports the UAE and the Abraham Accords following the historic visit of the president of Israel Mr Herzog to the UAE and also the importance of maintaining peace ,coexistence and stability within the region.

The EU should be a peace builder within the region . Mep host Mr Martusciello highlighted the fact that the Houthis are using civilians as human shields which is revolting and unbearable .He evoked the various attacks that the Houthis did in Yemen in numerous spots like Marib and Hodeidah . He also mentioned the horrific crimes that they committed by burning African refugees and their discrimination against women and minorities as well as their human rights violations towards journalists and political activists. He concluded that the EU should demand urgently the classification of the Houthi militia on the terrorist organizations list. Mep Luisa Regimenti mentioned the crimes that the Houthis committed against women and girls and the need to support women in Yemen and stop human rights violations within the region .The EU should protect young girls and support the education of young children so as to prevent the Houthis from radicalising the young generation . Mep Richard Charnesky evoked the nice relations that the EU has with the UAE as well as the Arab coalition and therefore the solidarity with the people of Yemen in addition to the key role of Europe in maintaining peace and stability and supporting countries within the region who fight against iran terror and militia. The webinar was concluded by Mep Martusciello who pointed that the EU should push the agenda and fight to place the Houthis on the terrorist list as well as support the Yemeni people in their fight against iran's terror and in their struggle for justice and democracy.

The objective of this webinar is to give a clear idea about the conflict in Yemen because unfortunately the mainstream European media have a confused or mistaken idea about the war in Yemen. The mainstream European media describes the conflict in Yemen as a conflict between a minority (the Houthi group) and major countries such as the Arab coalition .In reality , the Houthi group turned against the state and the regime by force of arms and seized the state’s weapons to kill Yemenis, as the coalition intervened in Yemen after asking the government to intervene.

The question is why this disregard for the war in Yemen and the falsification of facts ? When talking about the war in Yemen ,the weapons that belong to the coalition are mentioned, even though these weapons were sold in legal deals between countries, and Iranian weapons and Iranian expertise are constantly smuggled to Yemen to militias that were classified at a time Former terrorist militia.There is an urgent need to put the Houthis on the terrorist organizations list in order to stop human rights violations in Yemen but also terrorism .

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Meps in the webinar discussing about human rights violations in Yemen and the Houthi's violence against women.